Biden’s first exchange with a foreign leader will be with Trudeau

Biden’s first exchange with a foreign leader will be with Trudeau

US President Joe Biden will have a telephone interview with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday for his first exchange with a foreign leader, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said on Wednesday.

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The two leaders “will most certainly discuss very important relations” between the United States and Canada as well as “its decision on the Keystone pipeline”, she added.

This pipeline project between the United States and Canada, supported by Ottawa but criticized by environmentalists, was launched in 2008, canceled for the first time by Barack Obama for environmental reasons and then put back on track by Donald Trump for reasons economic.

The revocation of his predecessor’s decree was one of Joe Biden’s campaign promises, as part of his plan to fight climate change.

Joe Biden will reserve his first talks “for partners and allies” of the United States, added Psaki.

“He thinks it’s important to rebuild those relationships and address the challenges and threats we face in the world with SolarWinds,” she said, referring to a massive cyberattack detected in December on states -United and assigned by US intelligence services to Russia.

Donald Trump, whose mandate was marked by strained relations with Washington’s traditional allies, accused China of being the source of this intrusion into the software of the US government and thousands of private companies. .

No contact with Russian President Vladimir Putin is planned for the moment, added Jen Psaki.

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