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Biden welcomed the readiness of NATO countries to strengthen the power of the alliance

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul11,2024

Biden welcomed the readiness of NATO countries to strengthen the power of the alliance

Photo: Leaders NATO at the alliance's anniversary summit in Washington. July 10, 2024

The communiqué following the NATO summit in Washington, which is expected to be released on Thursday, notes that the allies intend to provide Ukraine with a minimum funding of 40 billion euros ($43.28 billion) in military aid over the next year.

President Joe Biden said the new commitment “sends a clear message to the world that every NATO member is ready to do its part to stay strong.” alliance.”

"We can and will defend every inch of NATO territory, and we will do it together; and that we invest in our future strength to ensure NATO is always ready for any threats we face – this should be a clear message that we send to the world,”– Biden said before the start of the summit, reports “Voice” of America.

Alliance chief Jens Stoltenberg said NATO leaders would agree on an aid package for Ukraine that would include the creation of a command center in Germany, bilateral security agreements with allied countries, a new package of military support and work on interoperability.

"In the declaration (following the summit) we will agree… on how to ensure that Ukraine moves closer to NATO membership," – Stoltenberg emphasized.

Speaking at the NATO forum, Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas stated that“if Russia decides to move on and really uses force to attack, then it will attack NATO, and not separate countries.”

"We – in NATO, and we have Article 5, which means that an attack on one — This is an attack on everyone. But this war in Ukraine and our response to it really also determines whether NATO is trustworthy or not, whether the Alliance acts as a deterrent against Russia. Why is the war not against NATO? Because we are in NATO. The reason Ukraine is fighting this war is because it is in a gray zone. They are not under the NATO umbrella and therefore are not protected.

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen called on alliance member countries to provide Ukraine with more air defense capabilities.

"We have many air defense systems in the NATO alliance. They are better used in Ukraine than in the western part of NATO– she said. – And we said from the very beginning of the war: we will be on Ukraine’s side as long as it takes and (will provide it with) everything it needs.”.

"However, we must admit that we are moving too slowly; I think we need to speed up, we need to scale up– she called. – Europe must be able to defend itself. We will have to spend much more money on deterrence and defense.”.

Czech President Petr Pavel said that "support for Ukraine– a question of principle.”.

"It's about whether we like to live in a world where rules matter or not, – he said. – I believe that Ukraine’s support – it's a matter of principle. Countries are protected when they have guarantees to realize their ambitions. And that is why we believe that the defense of Ukraine is necessary in our own interests. However, of course, the reality is different; we have not given Ukraine anything it has needed to successfully defend itself since the beginning (of the war). There were delays and gaps that cost Ukraine many lives and territories. Now we are trying to give Ukraine everything to protect its territory and not allow Russia to advance. Because if in the current circumstances Russia has a chance to succeed, we will not have a chance to stop the war, to bring Russia to the negotiating table.”

He called for providing Ukraine with ammunition, armored vehicles, long-range artillery, missiles and especially air defense.

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis called on NATO to make a clear commitment to admit Ukraine into the alliance.

"Let's say we call it a bridge. And I'm more interested in the final goal. Throughout the negotiation process, we were looking for the ultimate goal of this bridge: a very clear commitment that would come from NATO that we are serious about the invitation to NATO, – Landsbergis said. – This process can take a long time — this is understandable… but defining the goal – more important.”

Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said that only a state of affairs in which Putin withdraws troops from Ukraine can be considered a success.

"NATO was created to contain an aggressive Russia, which was then the Soviet Union, – he noted. – NATO won the first time then, and we need to win the second time. Russia is aggressive again, it has violated international law… It has interpreted international treaties in its own way – The Budapest Memorandum and many, many other international agreements, because it is beneficial for Putin to carry out an act of aggression. And our task – help Ukraine win.”

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said the United States will not allow itself to be drawn into a “reckless war” unleashed by Putin, but will “support Ukraine as it fights for its sovereignty and security.”

"We will defend every inch of NATO and will continue to strengthen collective defense and deterrence, – Austin said. – And make no mistake, Putin’s war is not the result of NATO expansion, on the contrary – “Putin's war is the reason for NATO expansion.”

The summit document, seen by Reuters, also reinforced NATO's previous language on China, calling it a “decisive enabler” of China. Russia in military operations in Ukraine and noting that Beijing continues to create systemic problems for ensuring Euro-Atlantic security.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga

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