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Biden, voicing an unlikely forecast for a peaceful settlement between Israel and Hamas

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun14,2024

Biden voiced an unexpected forecast for a peaceful settlement between Israel and Hamas

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US President Joe Biden stated that he does not expect the signing to please the outbreak of fire in the Gaza Strip in the near future. The proposal was not entirely praised by either Israel or the terrorist movement Hamas.

The White House official noted that international leaders discussed fueling the fire at the “Great Family” summit quot; (G7) in Italy. However, when pressed by journalists, if peace about a truce is reached in the near future, Biden replied simply: “No,” adding: “I haven’t lost hope,” reports the Associated Press.

Palestinian militants responded to this proposal of this year, proposing changes that, in their words, may guarantee a permanent end to the fire and the permanent withdrawal of Israeli troops from the Gaza Strip. Biden's proposal, including these provisions, is deafening, but Hamas is worried that Israel is ending Israel.

Earlier on Thursday, the 13th, the US President's National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan countered the assertions that Israel will not fully comply with the plan pinned to the fire. Sullivan noted that the meta lies in the fact that “we need to understand how we work, to fill up the gaps that we have lost, and to get to the point.”

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