Biden spokesman leaves the White House

Biden spokesman leaves the White House

Ein Speaker of the American President Joe Biden leaves the White House following a known threat against a journalist.  The  chief spokeswoman Jen Psaki announced. She announced on Friday that TJ Ducklo would be suspended for a week because of the incident. A day later, she announced that the White House had accepted Ducklo’s resignation after talking to him.  The  government is trying to meet the standard set by Biden of treating all people with dignity, respect and civilian tone, said Psaki.

Ducklo is said to have threatened a journalist during a phone call. He apologized to the reporter, “with whom he had a heated conversation about his private life,” said Psaki. He had expressed his “deep regrets” to the journalist and knew that he had violated the rules of conduct established by the President.

Ducklo threatened reporter with “destruction”

 The  magazine “Vanity Fair” had previously reported on the case. Accordingly, the vice spokesman of the White House called the journalist Tara Palmeri, who wrote for the politics website “Politico”, who was researching Ducklo’s relationship with another journalist from the “Politico” competitor “Axios”.

In the phone call, Ducklo Palmeri allegedly threatened to ruin her reputation by saying “I will destroy you” if she published the story. According to “Vanity Fair” Ducklo also made derogatory and misogynistic comments, used vulgar expressions and described Palmeri as “jealous”.

 The  journalist writes for the “Politico” newsletter, Playbook, which reports on the political inner life of Washington and is eagerly followed by politicians, their employees, journalists and other politically interested parties. Playbook reported this week on the relationship between Ducklo and the “Axios” journalist.

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