Biden reclaims positive COVID test

Biden reclaims positive COVID test

Biden tested positive for COVID again

Joe Biden has been retested COVID

The American leader has been testing negative for coronavirus for the last couple of days, after which he was re-diagnosed with COVID.

U.S. President Joe Biden again tested positive for coronavirus. I told you about it on Saturday, 30 pm, on Twitter.

“Friends, today I am again positive for COVID. Such is the case with a small number of people. I have no symptoms, but I choose to isolate for the safety of people, so that I can get away”, – writing to Biden.

Win adding that it continues to work and can easily turn around.

Biden's doctor Kevin O’Connor has published a statement confirming Biden's positive test.

“Following a negative test on Tuesday night, Tuesday on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the president reclaims a positive test result early on Saturday”, – writing O’Connor.

Adding wine, which is actually evidence of “positive status, which “became”.

Behind the words of the doctor, Biden does not have symptoms of illness, and continues to feel good“doing good”.< /p>