Biden falling off the bike

Biden falling off the bike

US President Joe Biden fell into a fall, if he tried to get out of the bike after a trip to the park nearby his mind on the beaches in the state of Delaware, but did not recognize the injuries of the day after the fall.

Biden fell off his bike for an hour of repair

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“I'm fine”, & #8211; having told the journalists that he was guilty because the Secret Service agents helped him to get up.

 Biden fell off the bike for an hour to recover

Biden explained that lacing up his foot caused a fall.

As it turns out, 79-year-old Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden completed a bike ride when the president got close to a group of people, and the bike path was blown.


Biden fell off his bike for a fix

Vin Zupinivsya, having tried to get off the bike, however, having fallen on the right side, she rolled over onto her back, the first lower one was helped to get up. Joe Biden is wearing a bicycle slam when he is wearing it.

It matters that the presidents didn't need medical help, it feels good.

It was like the Biden homeland was told to spend holidays near the home state of Delaware. On Friday, they marked the 45th anniversary of the wedding.