Biden criticizes Republican campaign promises

Biden criticizes Republican campaign promises

Biden criticized Republican campaign promises< /p> Joe Biden   Biden criticizes Republican campaign promises

Speaking at an event hosted by the Democratic National Committee in Washington, the President criticized the “Commitment to America” ​​presented by the Republican leader in the House of Representatives

President Joe Biden criticized the Republican Party leader in the House on Friday representatives of Kevin McCarthy for the pre-election program, presented earlier by the Republicans in Pennsylvania, and once again attacked conservatives who support former President Donald Trump.

Biden appeared to Democratic supporters at the headquarters of the National Education Association in Washington on Friday afternoon. The President addressed an event hosted by the Democratic National Committee, with Biden focusing on Kevin McCarthy, who on Friday morning presented the party's “Pledge to America” ​​campaign strategy in Pennsylvania.

“After resisting and obstructing everything we tried to do and trying to stop the progress made over the past two years, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy went to Pennsylvania and unveiled what he called the Commitment to America,” he said. Biden, calling the Republican program a “weak list of political goals” that Republicans will pursue if they manage to regain control of Congress.

The GOP plan includes a five-point strategy to address the migrant crisis on the US southern border, allocate additional funds to reduce crime and increase law enforcement personnel, and counter Internet censorship. McCarthy's program also included the Parents' Rights Bill.

“During [McCarthy's] almost hour-long speech, we didn't hear a few things,” Biden said in his speech. “We didn't hear him mention [women's] right to choose [women regarding abortion]. We didn't hear him mention Medicare. We didn't hear him mention social security.”

According to Biden, McCarthy did talk about preserving constitutional freedom.

“That sounds great. I am also for it, we all support it,” the president said. But look what they actually did. MAGA Republicans have just welcomed and upheld the first Supreme Court ruling in our history that not only failed to preserve constitutional freedom, but effectively took away a fundamental right that was granted by the same court to so many Americans: the constitutional right to choose.”

< p>Republicans supported the decision of the Supreme Court, which overturned the verdict in the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade case and left abortion laws to the discretion of state authorities. There's been some debate among Republicans over the issue of a ban on abortion, especially after Republican Senator Lindsey Graham introduced a nationwide bill to federally ban abortion at 15 weeks' gestation.

“If they win Congress, I'll impose veto it,” Biden said, referring to Graham's bill to ban abortion.

The head of the White House also said that the MAGA (Make America Great Again) brand, associated with former President Donald Trump, has lost its former strength.

Both Biden himself and his chief of staff Ron Klein have said in recent days that the Democrats will be able to maintain control over the House of Representatives and the Senate. Traditionally, the party whose candidate wins the presidential election loses seats in Congress during the first cycle of the midterm elections.