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Biden beats the recall for the decisive states of the election | US elections 2024

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US President Joe Biden delivers speech in Milwaukee .

Agence France-Presse

Wisconsin on Wednesday, Michigan on Thursday: Joe Biden set course for the Great Lakes region, emblematic of his offensive in the “pivot states”, these pivotal states that he will absolutely have to win against Donald Trump in November .

From Milwaukee, the American president called the Republican a loser, in the wake of a pugnacious speech on the state of the #x27;Union last Thursday.

The 81-year-old Democrat mobilized his supporters from a campaign location, taking aim at his opponent, assured since Tuesday like him of winning his party's nomination this summer.

Many of you helped me in 2020, to make sure he was a loser. And we're going to do the same thing again, right? he declared from Milwaukee, where the Republican convention will take place in July which will officially inaugurate Donald Trump, 77 years old.

This is also where Joe Biden set up his campaign headquarters for this crucial state, in a desire to mobilize the city’s large African-American community.

US Elections 2024

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US Elections 2024

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And the Democrat did not arrive empty-handed: he announced investments of more than $3.3 billion to rebuild the infrastructure of neglected neighborhoods.

The American president, who has implemented enormous economic recovery programs, promises to correct the urban planning problems caused by the construction of a highway in the 1960s in a predominantly Hispanic and African-American neighborhood of Milwaukee.

This despite the fact that, according to a poll carried out in 2023 and published in February, the Democrats' lead over the Republicans has diminished among these electorates.

Democrats' advantage among Black, Latino and Asian American voters has fallen to its lowest level in more than 60 years, creating significant vulnerability for President Biden and Democratic Democrats. Congress, Donald Trump's campaign team emphasized on Wednesday.

The project carried by the Democrat's administration plans bike paths, bus lines and vegetation zones to make the neighborhood safer , greener and more welcoming, according to the White House.

Very concrete announcements, therefore, for a president who presents himself as a defender of the middle and working classes, and as a guarantor of democracy.

Quite the opposite, therefore, according to Joe Biden, Donald Trump, portrays as a candidate the rich, with authoritarian leanings.

The Democrat thus responded to Donald Trump's incendiary rhetoric on a hot topic of the election. We are a country of immigration. They are not vermin, he said, using a word used by the Republican, who accused migrants of destroying American blood.

On Thursday, Joe Biden will go to Michigan, another state in the Great Lakes region, more precisely to Saginaw. This working-class constituency, historically Democratic, voted for Donald Trump in 2016, then, by a very slim majority, for Joe Biden in 2020.

Bruised by the deindustrialization of the 2000s and then by the great financial crisis of 2009, Saginaw is emblematic of the battle between the two candidates for the popular vote.

The Democratic president also recently visited Pennsylvania and Georgia. What do these states have in common? These are pivotal states, likely to fall into the Democratic hands as well as those of his Republican predecessor in November.

The American electoral system is such that it is not the majority of votes nationally that counts, but the result in each state.

In 2020, Joe Biden beat Donald Trump, sometimes very narrowly, in the majority of these swing states. In Wisconsin, for example, he was ahead of him by only 20,682 votes.

So far, the polls give the advantage to the former Republican president in almost all of the pivotal states.

Joe Biden's age continues to concern voters, and Americans, facing a high cost of living, do not credit the Democrat of certain economic successes, notably an unemployment rate which fell to less than 4%.

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