Biden Arrives in Munich for G7 Leaders' Summit

Biden Arrives in Munich for G7 Leaders' Summit

Germany will host the G7 summit where world leaders are expected to agree on an embargo on gold from Russia. The network has published a video of the arrival of the American president in Munich.

Biden arrived in Munich for the G7 Leaders Summit

President United States Joe Biden flew to Germany, where the G7 leaders will meet.

On meeting in Munich, according to Bloomberg, the US president and other leaders of the G7 should agree on an embargo on Russian gold. The ban will apply to gold that is exported from Russia* to the G7 countries for the first time.

Export gold brings tens of billions of dollars to Russia, which are then used to produce weapons and attack peaceful countries: in particular Ukraine, as well as sponsoring international terrorism, including Hezbollah.

At the NATO summit scheduled for July in Madrid, they will discuss the largest military invasion since the Cold War.