Biden announced another aid to Ukraine on holiday

Biden announced another aid to Ukraine on holiday

Biden announced another holiday aid to Ukraine

US President Joe Biden today, August 24 , announced a new $2.98 billion military aid package for Ukraine.

According to the White House press service, the money will help “Ukraine acquire air defense systems, artillery systems and ammunition, anti-missile unmanned aerial systems and radars".

Biden also expressed his support to all Ukrainians and congratulated Ukraine on Independence Day.

"I know that this Independence Day is bittersweet for many Ukrainians, as thousands of people killed or injured, millions forced to flee their homes, and many victims of Russian atrocities and attacks. But six months of merciless attacks only strengthened the pride of Ukrainians for themselves, for their country and for 31 years of their independence. Today and every day, we stand with the Ukrainian people to proclaim that the darkness that drives the autocracy cannot be compared with the flame of freedom that illuminates the souls of free people,” Biden said.

Also, Finance Minister Sergei Marchenko on Facebook said that Ukraine today, August 24, will receive $ 3 billion in grant assistance from the United States.

“Today we not only celebrate the 31st anniversary of Independence, but also must defend it in the conditions of a full-scale war . And I have no doubt that our struggle will end with victory over the aggressor! On this day, there is positive news from the financial front. Today we will receive $3 billion from the US to the state budget in the form of a non-repayable grant. The funds will come through the mechanism of the World Bank. I am grateful to our American partners and the World Bank team for the strong support of Ukraine. Grant assistance is a significant gift for our country on the Independence Day of Ukraine,” Marchenko writes.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich