Biden and Scholz highlight support for Ukraine and the strength of NATO during their meeting at the White House

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Biden and Scholz highlight support for Ukraine and strength of NATO during their White House meeting

The war in Ukraine and China was the focus this Friday of the meeting held in the Oval Office of the White House by the President of the United States, Joe Biden, and the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz . Biden thanked He praised the German leader for his “deep” support for Ukraineand Scholz said it was important to send the message that support will continue. “as long as it is necessary.”

Likewise, the US president praised the Scholz's decision to increase military spending and work in unison with the United States and other allies to support Ukraine. “As NATO allies, we are strengthening the alliance,” he said. He announced a new military assistance package for Ukraine totaling $400 million during the meeting.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters the meeting was an opportunity for the two leaders to discuss coordination in Ukraine. p>

Scholz's visit came days after Biden's security adviser Jake Sullivan said Biden sent a message. He sent Abrams tanks to the Ukraine because Scholz turned it into a tank. It was a precondition for sending the German Leopards. The president took He made the decision against his Army advice, Sullivan told ABC News. Berlin has been adamant that Biden came to be. to see that it was necessary, so the decision was agreed upon.

Sanctions on China

Scholz's visit comes as the United States is sounding out close allies about the possibility of impose sanctions on China Whether Beijing provides military support to Russia for its war in Ukraine, according to four US officials and other sources. Neither Washington nor Berlin say they have seen evidence of Beijing providing arms to Moscow, but US officials say they are monitoring the situation closely.

Germany, which by China has generally taken a much less aggressive stance towards China, its main trading partner, than the United States, has suggested that the Asian giant could play a role in bringing peace, a perspective This is something many Chinese observers are skeptical about.

A senior US administration official underscored this. He highlighted the close coordination between Berlin and Washington, and welcomed Scholz's speech to parliament on Thursday, in which he urged the United States. He told China not to provide weapons to Moscow. and asked for He urged Beijing to put pressure on Russia to withdraw its forces.