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Biden ahead of Trump – media

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun20,2024

Biden ahead of Trump - media

According to Fox News poll results, Democrat Joe Biden is ahead Republican Donald Trump, The Hill reports.

A large majority (50%) of respondents said they would vote for Biden in the November presidential election, while 48% said they would support Trump.

The poll shows Biden breaking the 50 percent support threshold for the first time this election cycle. Biden also led Trump in a Fox News poll for the first time since October 2023.

When third-party candidates are included in the poll, Biden leads Trump by one point – 43% versus 42%. Independent candidates Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cornel West received 10% and 2% of respondents' support, respectively, the Green candidate Jill Stein – 2%.

Such Republican results may indicate the impact of the verdict in the hush money case. – Jurors found Trump guilty as polls have since shown Biden's position improving.

Among one of the most important demographic groups, independent voters, Biden leads Trump by 9%.

"The underlying demographic trends that defined the race remain. Biden has improved slightly among women and older adults, keeping him afloat despite significant declines in support from young voters and African Americans since 2020, said Republican pollster Daron Shaw.

Respondents also were more positive about the economy than in previous months. Nearly a third (32%) said they had an excellent or good feeling about the economy. At the same time, the majority of respondents (56%) still have a negative outlook on the state of the economy.

In total, according to the survey, 45% of respondents approve of Biden’s job performance.

The Fox News poll included about 1,100 registered voters nationwide, with a margin of error of approximately 3%.

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Natasha Kumar

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