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Biden administration introduces measures to protect population during extreme heat

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul3,2024

Biden administration introduces measures to protect the population in extreme heat

Photo: Extreme heat warning poster. Pinehurst, South Carolina. Summer 2024

The Joe Biden Administration on Tuesday, July 2, took steps to protect communities from the effects of extreme heat, including proposing first-ever standards to address the issue, developed by the Department of Labor. , reports Reuters.

On June 20, an estimated 100 million Americans were in extreme heat. Emergency cooling centers were opened in New York City; wildfires continued to burn in New Mexico, causing deaths.

The Labor Department's Occupational Safety and Health Administration has developed a set of rules to protect workers. If approved, it would be the first safety standard in the United States.

The document includes requirements for heat hazard identification, emergency response plans, supervisor training, and work standards including breaks, access to shade and water, and heat acclimatization for new employees.

Farm worker groups farms called on the administration to promulgate standards for working in extreme heat conditions, since farm workers are often exposed to high temperatures, do not have regular access to shade and water, and do not have the opportunity to take frequent breaks.

OSHA projects that these rules will affect approximately 36 million workers and will significantly reduce the number of injuries, illnesses, and deaths caused by heat in the workplace.

Extreme weather, including extreme heat, also takes a toll on the economy. . A White House fact sheet notes that a record number of weather-related natural disasters (28 in 2023) have pushed the cost of cumulative damage to more than $90 billion.

FEMA Emergency Management Announces Approximately $1 Billion in Projects, Nearly 660, to Protect Communities from Natural Disasters and Hazards, Including Heat, Hurricanes, and Floods.

The White House newsletter said, that President Biden will be briefed on extreme weather forecasts for the summer on Tuesday. The White House will hold a summit on extreme heat in the near future.

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