Bi-directional charging from Nissan

Bi-directional charging from Nissan

There was information about those that Nissan took a special permit to plant a special bidirectional traffic system in the United States. Won vikoristovuetsya to charge electric car Nissan Leaf.

Nissan Bidirectional Charging

charging, as presented by Fermata Energy, live without the middle of a battery installed in the middle of an electric car. It’s charging up and redirecting back to the amount of energy that has accumulated. Charging should be up to the category of the first required systems, as they were denied the UL 9741 category certification. This allowed to solve the problem of bidirectional type charging. “lastbig”>

Nissan Car Company Bidirectional Charging

Details about the novelty

Approximately 10 years ago, information was often given about those who could be charged with energy for an additional electric car:

  • merezhey;
  • budinkom (in difficult life situations).

The skin can be interchangeable, which allows you to convert an electric car into a station for electric charging. So, if people need to charge their phone (for example, to pay a penny for registration with a license), then they can work for the help of a good car.

Battery features

All vehicles under the Nissan Leaf brand, which were released no earlier than 2013, can be combined with bi-directional chargers of category FE-15. The warranty period does not change for the main battery. If you take care of all the transport, if you want bidirectional charging, the authorities of the transport services are responsible for the maximum speed of charging by installing a port of the CHAdeMO type. VIN is often found in the standard equipment of the car.

Bi-directional charging for Nissan

The system has been updated to give the Leaf's vehicle owners the ability to create energy sources, as if they were being transferred to the car's battery. For the help of the charging charge, you can immediately reduce the performance of the high price policy of the car for the cost of the fact that in the peak of life we ​​will take a look at the new energy. Krіm tsgogo, podіbna dіya positively contributes to lowering the demand on the energy system.

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Wart to pay attention to the fact that among other transport workers, the function of bidirectional charging is often promoted during the rest of the hour.