Beyond the cancellation of the local tournament, the players demonstrate for the agreed prizes.

Beyond the cancellation of the local tournament, the players demonstrate for the agreed prizes.

This Friday, in the Women's Copa América, Colombia defeated Paraguay 4-2 in a day marked by the protest of the soccer players of the tricolor team.

Some 20,000 people went to the Pascual Guerrero stadium in Cali and witnessed the fists raised protest of the Colombian National Team.
Claim that had started minutes before the match through the players' social networks.

In a statement that was published on the Instagram accounts of those summoned, the players expressed their disagreement with a video in which the 23 summoned to the National Team appear, all in the same position, raising their arms.

“Today we unite for change. Although we lack guarantees, we have plenty of love for this shirt, that's why we unite with the illusion of teamwork, equity in working conditions and competition, of concerted decisions and a bright future for all of us who are part of FutFem”, wrote the members of the National Team, who added the tag #Unsolosentir.

Although at first it was thought that the demonstration was motivated exclusively by the cancellation of the Women's League tournament for the second semester, which paradoxically coincided with the start of the continental tournament on national soil, the reason that inspired the claim of the players has to do with the prizes promised by the Colombian Football Federation for their performance in the tournament.

The prizes for the women's team

Beyond the cancellation of the local tournament, the players protest for the agreed prizes.

According to what EL TIEMPO learned, the prize agreed between the Federation and the players, in the event of being champions, it is close to 4 billion pesos. In that sense, each soccer player would receive around 120 million.

In the event that the National Team is champion, the prize will be worth close to 3 billion pesos. In other words, each player would receive 80 million pesos. If the team finishes third, the general amount drops to 2,000 and the individual prize remains at 60 million. ', the Colombian players would receive “100,000 pesos a day in per diems”.

It should be remembered that, recently, the players of the United States National Team achieved salary balance with the men, an achievement much celebrated by the women's football.

This edition of the Women's Copa América is the first to feature prizes from the organization. This time, there will be 1.5 million dollars for the champions and 500,000 dollars for the runners-up.

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