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Attention to cloned registration plates

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Omar Ahmad realized that someone had fraudulently copied his license plate.


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Imagine getting a parking ticket in Toronto, even though you live in Ottawa, 450 km away, or receiving a bill for the A-407, even if you have never used this Toronto highway to TOLL. This is a phenomenon that is growing, noted CBC.

Driver Omar Ahmad thus received four unjustified invoices from the A-407 before his brother discovered the pot aux roses last month.

Someone was selling copies of their personalized 3MAR license plate on Facebook Marketplace for $26.

It really looked like my plate. As if someone had taken a photo of it and put it up for sale.

A quote from Omar Ahmad, driver

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Ontarian Omar Ahmad discovered someone was selling copies of his license plate on Facebook Marketplace.

Highway 407 investigated more than 500 cases per month on average last year of tolls related to lost, stolen or copied plates. This is double the cases recorded in 2019.

Ottawa resident Connie Jensen says she received four tickets for prohibited parking Toronto since May 2022, although she has not set foot in the Queen City during this period.

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At first, she thought the parking attendant had written down the registration number wrong, but after the third and fourth fines, she suspected something was wrong. was wrong.

I think someone has my number x27;registration. Fines range from $30 to $150. So these people park anywhere.

A quote from Connie Jensen, driver

The City of Toronto canceled the first two tickets. Ms. Jensen is now trying to have the last two canceled.

In Ontario, it is permitted to order a reproduction of one's license plate from personal use, but it is illegal to use them on the road.

Some copies are plastic, but others are made of metal and of good quality, says Officer Kerry Schmidt of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP).

Some of the plates are very well made. A police officer wouldn't notice it on the road.

A quote from Kerry Schmidt, spokesperson, Ontario Provincial Police

Christina Basil, spokesperson for A-407, says fraudsters have perfected their art so much that they will sometimes install the cloned plate on a vehicle of the same model and color as the car with the number. x27;copied registration, which complicates the identification of illegal journeys.

If a motorist realizes that his plate has been cloned, the OPP and the Ministry of Transport recommend that he notify the police and then go to a Service Ontario office to obtain a new registration number.

However, it is the driver's responsibility to pay $59 for a new plate.

There's nothing else to do, Agent Schmidt admits.

Ms. Jensen finds it unfair . The burden should not be on the victim's back, she says.

The province should ban reproductions of license plates. registration and increase fines for violators, says Daniel Tsai, professor of law at Metropolitan and Toronto universities.

Currently, a person driving with a fake plate in Ontario is subject to a $140 fine. p>

Based on information provided by Nicole Brockbank of CBC News

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