Beverly Hills: two actresses fought on the set

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Beverly Hills: Two actresses fought on set

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Beverly Hills, a cult series for teens in the 90s, did not have any restful filming. The proof with the one where a fight broke out between two leading actresses of the show.

For all the teenagers of the 90s, Beverly Hills was an addictive program, a moment of relaxation after class and a mirror reflecting all the problems of the youth of the time. With the exception that it was a golden youth of Los Angeles. In fact, Beverly Hills, the first of the name, not the reboot of the 2010s, were a bit the More beautiful life rican before the hour or a Love, Glory and Beauty for teenagers. But, behind the varnish of a glossy series reminiscent of the covers of fashion magazines, all was not rosy. To the point that a shoot went badly to the ground because of a fight between two leading actresses.

Shannen Doherty, eternal Brenda in Beverly Hills then Pruein Charmed, got on the face with her playing partner Jennie Garth aka Kelly. It was already known at the time that the two actresses could not eat each other. Even that they hated each other outright. Jennie Garth recently returned to a physical altercation that took place between her and Shannen Doherty while filming Beverly Hills. According to E! Online, famous American media, the actress expressed herself in these terms in another broadcast: “I think I hit her in the face. But, what I can say is that we are both women from Arizona. We never back down, no matter what.” Thus, we understand that we must avoid putting two women from Arizona in the same series. Even in the same room.

Beverly Hills: the reasons for the altercation on the set

This physical altercation would have started because of a nasty thing that Shannen Doherty would have done to Jennie Garth on the set. According to Tori Spelling, interpreter of Donna in Beverly Hills, the first would have lifted the skirt of the second. A schoolboy joke which would have been the starting point of the fight. At the same time, we understand Jennie Garth's anger at finding herself with her panties out in front of the rest of the team. When the journalist asks her who “won >” this little fight on the sidelines of the shooting, the actress eludes the question and, de facto, the answer. She details that members of the team separated them. So, confusion mounted from scratch or waffle on the part of the interpreter of Kelly? No one can tell. Nevertheless, this is not the first time that we have heard in the corridors of the industry of the behavior of plague – even of diva – of Shannen Doherty. On the set of Charmed, a few years later, the actress would have been very quickly in competition, then unpleasant, with her co-star at the time, Alyssa Milano . The reason ? Primary jealousy and the desire to be the only “star” of the fantasy series. For her part, Jennie Garth found, almost in spite of herself, her sister-enemy, Shannen Doherty, in the revival of Beverly Hills em>, in 2019, BH90210. A reunion without a fight at the key. Some proof of maturity?