Better car for today: electric Tavriya with sleeper panels (photo)

Better car for today: electric Tavriya with sleeper panels (photo)

Well, we have found the perfect car for today's hours. We know Tavriya well, as in its time it was not only the most accessible car in Ukraine, but one of the found cars in the world! And even though they don’t swear for a long time, the Ukrainian deacons give ZAZs a friend of life.

Days the subscriber of our Institute TopZhir took a picture on one of the capital's parking lots in the capital Tavriya. Possibly, no one would have put any respect on her, but in a better way, she was plugged into an outlet, and in a different way, you can run a sleeper panel on a car.

Better car for today: electric Tavria with sleep panels (photo)

Oskіlki avtovlasnik order not Bulo (abi the author of the photo instantly razpitat at new details), we were busy looking for information from the Merezhi, and knew. It appears that the electric Tavria was destroyed ten more years ago!

Better car for today: electric Tavria with solar panels (photo)

Tse Tavriya 2001 rock, yak became a donor for an ultra-budget electric car. And with the permission of the sons of the new Vlasnik, he gave up for “copies” to create a compact electric car, building a building up to 90 km per year and travel without recharging 40-50 kilometers. Once again, the car was robbed 10 (!) years ago, and judging by the fresh photos, the car was on the move. A self-contained electric car can be charged from a standard outlet in just 2 years!

The high budget was close to 7 thousand dollars, but the cost of modern technologies and their cheapness, I think, was huge, the budget for such an electric car was becoming bi $5 thousand. Electric ZAZ – why not an ideal car for the lowest prices on the floor and for a deficit?

Do-it-yourself Electric Tavria