Better Call Saul season 6 : the creator speaks out on the end and the possible return of Walter & Jesse

Better Call Saul saison 6 : le créateur se confie sur la fin et le possible retour de Walter & Jesse

Better Call Saul season 6 : the creator entrusts himself on the end of the series and the possible return of Walter and Jesse

The season 6 of the Better Call Saul will have the heavy task of concluding this fantastic story centered on Jimmy, making a perfect bridge for Breaking Bad. To this end, can we expect appearances from Walter White and Jesse Pinkman ? Peter Gould (the creator) has spoken on this subject. Attention spoilers.

In recent years, the creators of Better Call Saul were generous with the fans of Breaking Bad, the original series from which is derived the fiction scope by Bob Odenkirk. Remember, many heroes from this universe are, in fact, appeared on the screen, it was Gus Fring, Lydia Rodarte-Quayle, Tuco Salamanca or even Hank Schrader, and this has helped to solidify the story, while providing a sense loop closed.

Walter and Jesse FINALLY present ?

These little surprises will they be re-used in season 6, which will unfortunately be the last ? It is highly possible. “Currently, we have almost finished writing the 4th episode, and we have an idea that would achieve everything you’ve always wondered,” found, for example, Peter Gould (co-creator) to Collider. What is he speaking ? Simply the integration of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman into the plot.

However, it was immediately clear, he and his team know now in what direction to go, “We have an idea of where we think we go, we have an idea of the end to come, we have an idea for the characters that may or may not return as Walt and Jesse“, but this does not mean that the situation will not continue in the next weeks. With only 4 episodes written on the 13 ordered by AMC, Peter Gould are still allow to change your mind along the way, “You don’t want to completely you hold to these ideas because things can change. And if the history of the detours that make it impossible for the return of some beloved characters, we will not return. We want to have a story that makes sense and which does not solely depend on these references.

An end in good hands

In short, the return of Jesse and Walter are on the right track but nothing is yet assured. The only certainty at the present time, it is that the team is scrambling to offer us the best possible conclusion. “I really hope you will ensure departure. People are more demanding on the for series. It makes me a little nervous,” revealed Peter Gould. Also, he managed to convince Vince Gilligan (co-creator and dad of Breaking Bad) to return to the writing room in order to participate to this conclusion, “This is an end difficult to get close to them, one speaks of a history of 63 hours at which it is necessary to bring a satisfactory end. Knowing that there is more to the side Breaking Bad. (…) We are going to give it all, I’m very excited !

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