Bet 28-th coupon of bonds FSK 29 series set at 4%

Ставка 28-го купона бондов ФСК 29-й серии установлена в размере 4%

PJSC “FSK EES (MCX:FEES)” established rate of 28-th coupon of bonds 29 series of 4% annual, is spoken in the message of the company.

The company in October 2013 placed bonds 29 series 20 billion rubles. The rate of the 1st coupon is set at 7.1% per annum. The bonds were placed for 35 years and have quarterly coupons. 2-132 rate on coupons is calculated as the rate of inflation for the year is + 1%. The possibility of early redemption of bonds at the Issuer’s discretion in the case of reaching or exceeding an interest rate of 10% per annum.

Currently in circulation are 20 issues of classic bonds of the company for a total amount of 245 billion rubles and 6 of the exchange issues bonds to 56 billion rubles.

FGC owns and manages power grid facilities of the Unified national power grid of the Russian Federation. Power grid holding “rosseti AO (MCX:RSTI)” belongs 80,13% stake in FGC. In turn, the “Rossetti” on 88,04% owned by the government, even of 1.28% of the share capital – have GazpromFinance B. V.

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