Best movies starring Grace Kelly

Best movies starring Grace Kelly

Best movies starring Grace Kelly

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September 14th is Grace Kelly Memorial Day. On account of the American movie star a little more than a dozen films, but she managed to become an Oscar winner and win the fame of the highest-grossing actress of her time. She is also known as the wife of Prince Rainier III of Monaco, 10th Princess of Monaco, mother of the current reigning Prince Albert II.

Legendary actress and princess of Monaco Grace Kelly was born on November 12, 1929, in the family of a fashion model and businessman, former Olympic champion in rowing. Grace spent her childhood in a luxurious mansion in Philadelphia. The parents were going to send their daughter to study at Bennington Women's College of Liberal Arts, but Grace failed her math exam, so nothing worked. But her whole subsequent life surpassed the wildest dreams of her parents.

Grace was waiting for the Academy of Dramatic Arts, a successful modeling career, roles in legendary films and the longed-for Oscar. Despite her short film career, Grace starred for only four years, from 1952 to 1956, she managed to play in eleven films, win the love of viewers around the world, and most importantly, win the heart of Prince Rainier III of Monaco.

LeMonade has decided to revisit atmospheric films featuring the legendary actress and invite you to join.

“Exactly at noon” (1952)

Having just got married, Will and his beautiful blonde Quaker Amy are going to leave the town for good, intending to leave dangerous jobs behind and get their own ranch to take root. However, the town learns that the fierce killer Frank Miller must very soon come to Hadleville and take revenge on Will and the entire city for imprisoning him several years ago. Miller's brother and two other gunfighters are already waiting for the train on which Miller is traveling, and the train is due to arrive “at noon.” In a moment of panic, on the advice of friends, Will leaves the city with his bride and gallops down the road to the open prairie, but suddenly stops the horse.

“Country Girl” (1954)

Tired actor and singer Frank Elgin is given a good chance to return to the stage when director Bernie Dodd offers him the lead role in his new musical. However, Frank, addicted to alcohol, avoids any slightest responsibility.
He prefers to be decided for him by his wife Georgie, who is increasingly finding it difficult to resist her husband's lifestyle. Bernie is trying to help Frank find the strength to change his life. At the same time, for everything that happened to Elgin, he blames his wife …

“Dial M for Murder” (1954)

Tony Wendis, a former playboy and tennis star who is burning the money of his beautiful wife Margot, decides to commit a crime when he finds out that he could lose her millions, as Margot was carried away by the American writer of detective novels Mark Holliday.
Tony comes up with a perfect murder plan, finds a reliable executor, and arranges for himself an impeccable alibi. It provides for everything except Margot's unusual behavior and Mark's analytical skills …

“Window to the courtyard” (1954)

Chained to a wheelchair because of a broken leg, a photographer from boredom begins to observe neighbors living in his own house, whose windows overlook the courtyard. The action takes place in Greenwich Village. Constant observation leads him to suspect that one of the neighbors killed his wife …

“To Catch a Thief” (1956)

John Roby, was once the consummate professional thief known as “The Cat”. The “cat” was lucky: he managed to “tie up” on time and leave beautifully. Having saved up capital, Robie went “on retirement” and elegantly lived his life on the French Riviera.
But the ex-criminal's exquisite and quiet life comes to an end after someone starts robbing the rich, just like Robie. Since suspicions reasonably fall on John, he decides to find his imitator by all means!

High Society (1956)

The adorable and spoiled socialite from high society Tracey Samantha Lord is about to get married a second time. She found herself, as it seems to her, an “ideal” man – a servant of her father. But then her ex-husband Dexter-Haven appears, the famous composer and jazz performer, in which the famous jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong is the soloist.
The jazz company is joined by two newspaper reporters Mike Connor and Liz Imbrie to cover the wedding in the press. At the appointed hour, preparations for the celebration begin, during which the careerist groom will not appear in the best light, but the ex-husband will return the “wiser and wiser” wife.

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