Bertrand-Kamal (Koh Lanta): Hadja reveals the last message he sent her before his death

Bertrand-Kamal (Koh Lanta): Hadja reveals the last message he sent her before his death

Bertrand-Kamal (Koh Lanta): Hadja reveals the last message he sent her before his death It is a heartbreaking tribute that Hadja, candidate of Koh Lanta, the 4 lands, paid to his “brother” Bertrand- Kamal, died of cancer. The candidate for the Greens team (East) unveiled on Instagram the last message sent to her by the adventurer shortly before his disappearance. Words full of love and hope that break your heart.

In the aftermath of the announcement of Bertrand-Kamal's death, tributes continue to multiply from the Koh Lanta team, the 4 lands. While Denis Brogniart said he was devastated, the candidates of this latest edition, currently being broadcast on TF1, continue to salute his memory. Among them, Hadja , to whom he was quite close. She also shared the last words that the adventurer had sent her, shortly before his death: “'The future will be beautiful In Sha Allah', your last words concerning me … And what a beautiful message , pride in having mattered to you and you will always matter to me. “ , she wrote on Instagram.

Hadja reveals the last words Bertrand-Kamal sent her before his death

She reveals a screenshot of her last message, full of love and full of hope: “I love you. You are a magnificent meeting. With your shitty character and your devastating smile. I love you and I take God that he offers me the chance to see you again with as much force as we knew each other. I love you my adventure sister. I love you my little girl from the street of the Est. I really love you even if our story is only confined to a few weeks … The future will be beautiful Inchalah. “ Something to break everyone's heart. But Hadja prefers to remember their meeting: “Let's start with the first time I saw you: I said to myself, he has a hell of a look this one, then the first time you introduced yourself I told you : “But what is the suspect first name?” We laughed so much about it and you said to me: “my mother wanted Bertrand and my father Kamal, it ended up in Bertrand-Kamal”, you were so proud of elsewhere in this diversity you told me all the time “Hadja at my house there is the Koran placed next to the Virgin Mary, so on Saturdays it's the blanquette of the daronne and on Sunday it's couscous of the daron.”

While she was part of the green team (East) by his side, she remembers all the good times spent with him on the island: “It was crazy, I laughed so much, islet of exile or not it was crazy laughs from morning to night with Loic and you … nonsense on nonsense, valves on valves, suspicious dances on suspicious dances … Let's talk about your dances and your songs to give me a smile the hard mornings in the camp when we were overwhelmed by hunger and cold, fortunately for me the music 'oh djadja' did not exist yet because you have mixed it with my first name “.

“I didn't think I should bury another brother a year later”

Much more than an adventure teammate, she considered Bertrand-Kamal as her brother: “In my presentation of Koh Lanta I said:” I'm not going to Koh Lanta to make friends “, my boy, I didn't not lied because I didn't make a friend, I just discovered my fifth brother and it's you Beka. I have to draw a parallel with my brother Maye who died on January 9, 2019, I didn't think I was should bury another brother a year later. I am between sadness and anger, why this disease? Why you? Why I love you so much? Why …. God only knows! I shared my adventure with you, how are you -I do to enjoy this adventure without you? Anyway my brother know that I love you and I will never stop loving you, know that I will never stop thinking about you and know that I will spend my life talking of you and to honor you like I do with Maye. “

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