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The Berlin techno scene was recognized as a UNESCO cultural heritage

Berlin techno scene/Hinrich Carstensen < p>The Berlin club scene was included in the list of German intangible cultural heritage. This will open access to state support and subsidies for clubs and organizations.

UNESCO included the Berlin techno scene in the list of German intangible cultural heritage. This list is designed to preserve cultural traditions. This is stated on the UNESCO website.

UNESCO says that techno had a significant impact on the German capital, in particular on “the formation of a large part of Berlin in the 1980s”.

Berlin Club Commission (Clubcommission Berlin), which unites more than 200 clubs and organizers, called the decision “an important milestone for Berlin's techno producers, artists, club operators and event organizers”.

The status of the NKS facility raises awareness of , that techno has long since left its niche and become an independent cultural form. The public is aware of the need to protect and preserve this culture in order to continue to benefit from it in the future, – notes the organization Rave The Planet, which in 2021 was one of the first to promote the recognition of the techno scene as an object of intangible cultural heritage.

Also, inclusion in the list of the NKS will help participants of the cultural scene to get access to locations more easily, and clubs – will facilitate the opening and maintenance of premises. In addition, in matters of noise insulation, fire safety and protection of UNESCO monuments, decisions are more often made in favor of cultural objects.

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