Berlin Aerospace Salon: airshow under the sign of war

Berlin Aerospace Salon: airshow under the sign of war

Defense and safety – one of the key topics of the latest Berlin air show. The first after the pandemic and the first in the minds of the war in Europe. For a lot of software – less military equipment.

Camouflage, machine gunners, combat helicopters. Passengers of the airliners, who are happy from the Berlin airport ahead of the day before the aerospace salon, could get away, that in their eyes the life of the air base of the UPU Nіmechchini & # 8211; uzdovzh zlotno-sadkovo ї smuga Viysk rozbyvals helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles, among them there was no civil lethal machine.

The reality is that the traditional Berlin air show ILA (22-26 pm) will take place once in the green-and-orphan barves: there are about a dozen planned before the show of new products, there is only one civilian flight, which should belong to one airline. Reshta – viiskova technique. The program of display benefits consists of three points: a winemaker, a military transport aircraft and an important army helicopter.

Military-industrial complex lobby to talk about the destruction of the public opinion

Berlin airport is considered an ideal place for air shows – It is one of the few airports in the world (order from Singapore), to the territory of which adjoins the great exhibition complex of six pavilions.

Militarism of the air show & # 8211; a direct legacy of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, experts state. On the other hand, the support of defensiveness turned into abstract topics for fahivtsiv on the problem that is widely discussed by the German community. The first lobbying of the military-industrial complex already threatens to destroy the mass media. Yak having shown in the interview DW Volker Tum, general director of the Union of aerospace industry (sport organizer of the exhibition), industry & #8220; fixing the change of the public thought.

Berlin Aerospace Salon: Airshow Under War Sign

Bundeswehr &#8211 ; the main participant of the exhibition

“Mi Bachimo on the butt of Ukraine: if the country has values, if the country has freedom and stable development, it can be protected in the city of values, – vociferous fog. – And I know that we learned in Nimechchina that the saving of valuables means readiness to their zahistu. We are sorry for those who change the tone of discussion in the future in a more positive way, lower it was earlier. If you set it to tsієї, you will become more realistic.

Defense technologies are assigned to the whole pavilion, here – grandiose aviation industry, zokrema, especially Boeing and Airbus, as well as the Bundeswehr and German aerospace concerns. Middle of exhibition exhibits – the American F-35 helicopter and the Chinook helicopter, which the Bundeswehr plans to use as part of a gigantic re-engineering program worth 100 billion euros. Chancellor Olaf Scholz said about the need for a sum to re-equip the enemy forces after the beginning of the war against Russia against Ukraine. security in the 21st century”.

Bundeswehr – leading participant of the air show

There is nothing new about the fact that among the participants of the aerospace salon there is a dominating military-industrial complex. Following the words of Volker Tum, the Bundeswehr is traditionally the largest participant in the exhibition. The protest of the current airshow in the fact that it is being played on the battlefields in Ukraine and political discussions about the delivery of air defense to Ukraine and the Bundeswehr, the respect of the bulk switched to defense technologies.

Berlin Aerospace Salon: Airshow Under War Sign

Vinishchevach F-35

As a result, all those who for a couple of years could have been given expensive toys for militarists and aviation fans – these are blames and military transport aircraft, unmanned airborne vehicles, ceramic missiles and satellite technologies, & # 8211; in the context of current trends and daedals, greater geopolitical tensions begin to take on a new, practical purpose.

Premier’Prime Minister of Brandenburg: War to bring the importance of the military-industrial complex

Speak about it and Prime Minister Brandenburg (on the territory of the distribution of the Berlin airport) Dietmar Woidke. Під час огляду експозиції авіасалону за два дні до офіційного відкриття він заявив, що війна в Україні доводить необхідність оборонної частини авіасалону, оскільки “ми маємо подбати про те, щоб наші військовослужбовці мали у своєму розпорядженні нормальне озброєння та техніку”.

І navit Francis Giffey, measure of Berlin – place, as if to be famous for pacifism and the levi glances of their bagmen, – I know that the war has actually spilled over into the economic situation near the capital of Nimechchini. Behind Giffay's words, traces of war in Ukraine are felt by all the local economy and us in front of the sphere of everyday life, even in Berlin there is a serious problem of a shortage of housing.

“ through marriage fahivtsiv – and in our houses near Berlin there were a lot of buddies from Ukraine, which now just appeared, – like Giffay. – For the most part, there are obvious problems with the supply of materials through those who are zruynovanі logistical bulletins, through which timing and financial plans are seen. From the air show, the Chancellor, having violated the Bundestag without a hitch, has been speaking out of the clergy’s statement on the situation in Ukraine since the last day of the day.