Bentley inspired the 1929 rock model (photo)

Bentley inspired the 1929 rock model (photo)

Bentley inspired the 1929 rock model (photo)

Photo: Bentley website 

The legendary Bentley Speed ​​Six 1929 turns. The British company has turned around one of the most famous models in its history.

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Bentley Speed ​​Six convertible The Continuation Series (the modern car itself was called so) was designed in Mulliner's development, which creates the most exclusive models of the brand. Usogo to let out 12 machines for a $1.85 million leather bag.

Bentley revitalizes 1929 rock (photo)

Bentley revamped the 1929 rock (photo)

Hand-picked Bentley Speed ​​Six for the technologies of the 20th century and to the smallest details they create the original. For whom one of the cars of 1929 was taken for spare parts and a detailed three-dimensional model was created.

Bentley inspired the 1929 rock (photo)

Bentley Speed ​​Six The Continuation Series can reach up to 5 m of windage with a wheel base of 3,350 mm. Vіn equipment 6.5-liter in-line six with a carburetor with a pressure of 200 h.p. and 4-speed manual gearbox. A car with a carload of 2.2 tons can be driven up to 200 km/year. Upgrade your drum galma.

Bentley Speed ​​Six is ​​one of the most seen models of its time. They won the famous 24-year-old race at Le Mans, and one of the cars managed to win the Blue Train super power. Less than 182 Speed ​​Six were released and the stink cost millions of dollars at once.

Bentley has been renewed selection of the 1929 model (photo)

The Bentley model is no longer the first classic, it has been revived in our days. Not long ago, a friend of life took off no less famous Bentley Blower 1929 rock.

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