Bengal and banners: Police intervene in prohibited corona demos in Vienna

Bengal and banners: Police intervene in prohibited corona demos in Vienna

Despite a ban on demonstrations, protesters against the Corona measures gathered again in the city center on Saturday afternoon.  The  police repeatedly stopped the demonstrations and broke up individual rallies. Tyrolean demonstrators also protested against the new measures.

AUSTRIA.  The y waved red-white-red flags and criticized Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and the government. Several demonstrations formed on Saturday, despite a ban by the police. Many Tyroleans came to demonstrate their displeasure with the compulsory test when leaving their state. According to police spokesman Markus Dittrich, there were numerous reports of violations of the Covid 19 emergency ordinance. WEGA officials, the protection of the constitution and dog squadrons were also on duty.  The re were extensive traffic delays and traffic jams throughout the city center.

A demonstration was registered at Karlsplatz / Resselpark for 50 people who demonstrated against compulsory testing in schools and the protection of children’s rights. According to the police, over 1,000 participants came who met in front of the Karlskirche. At around 3 p.m., the participants moved to the Ringstrasse.  The  police stopped the demonstrators at Babenberger Strasse. A rally was also broken up by the police at the Kohlmarkt.

At the castle gate, a large number of police also blocked the participants’ way. A registered stand rally had also taken place at lunchtime on Maria- The resien-Platz between the museums, the participants of which marched through the city center with a police escort.

“ The  Tyrolean eagle flies wherever it wants”

Under the motto “ The  Tyrolean eagle flies wherever it wants”, many Tyroleans demonstrated against the obligation to test when leaving Tyrol. Buses that were on the way to Vienna are said to have been checked accordingly, according to the police. Chancellor Kurz was also criticized: on a banner that was hoisted in front of the Albertina it was written: “ The  path to dictatorship is short.”

Do you think the demos are ok?

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