Benefits of aesthetic medicine for emotional well-being

September 13, 2021 by archyde

In order to understand well the concept of aesthetic medicine, it is also necessary to know the term plastic surgery, which is the “surgical specialty responsible for restoring the anatomical or functional integrity of the human body, altered by physical, congenital or acquired defects”, according to the company Allergan Aesthetics.

The Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME) defines aesthetic medicine as “the medical-surgical practice that applies the techniques necessary for the restoration, maintenance and promotion of aesthetics, health and well-being ”.

These treatments are carried out through “the use of non-invasive or minimally invasive techniques, which are performed on an outpatient basis”, without admission of the patient and with topical or local anesthesia.

Today, this type of medicine is a specialized medical activity, since it complies with the three fundamental criteria to be: the existence of a scientific and technical base, a unified objective and the existence of a social demand.

Experts assure that, on occasions, aesthetic medicine plays a certain preventive role, since, in addition to improve aesthetic appearance of a person, Improves quality of life Of the same.

How does aesthetic medicine contribute to emotional well-being?

Recently a study has confirmed that the aesthetic medicine can be very beneficial, as it helps improve the general feeling of well-being from the patients.

This investigation, who shares the portal Infosalus, has been published in the scientific journal Aesthetic Surgery Journal, and collected by Allergan Aesthetics (AbbVie).

As the study has concluded, patients who have undergone an aesthetic retouch, claim to have improved both their psychological well-being, as their social trust, that is, their social relationships and their way of interacting with society.

In addition, the same study also indicates that the perception that patients had about their age improved at 4 months to undergo facial aesthetic medical treatment.

Continue researching the benefits of aesthetic treatments

Thus, according to the research cited above, 75% of the patients assured look younger in front of the mirror after a cosmetic treatment.

For this reason, “studying the psychosocial aspects of aesthetic medical treatments is fundamental and facilitates that both professionals and patients evaluate the full benefit of treatment to which they are going to submit, “says Dr. Consuelo Barroso, specialized in Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery.

This same specialist assures that, in recent years, it has been recognized and demonstrated that ” Benefits to undergo aesthetic medical treatment extend beyond appearance physical and affect other psychosocial levels ”.

Specifically, Dr. Antonio Carvajal, an aesthetic doctor, explains that these techniques “contribute to strengthening self-esteem, security and individual confidence”, something that is reflected in the work and personal panorama of a person.

However, despite these real benefits, it is still important continue to deepen at the scientific level in this ambit. Thus, the experts assure that it is necessary to decipher “the great potential that aesthetic medicine plays and can continue to play in the emotional well-being of people”, Barroso details.

Promote the value of aesthetic doctors

The pharmaceutical company Allergan Aesthetics (of AbbVie) has started a campaign with the aim of put in value the daily work of aesthetic doctors and the role of aesthetic medicine in the emotional and physical well-being of people.

According to Carolina Martín, general manager of Allergan Aesthetics in Spain and Portugal, with this they intend “to show that society lives its beauty in a personal and very diverse way”.

In this way, the experts ensure a firm commitment to the scientific investigation and they consider that aesthetic medicine is “a sector in constant and rapid evolution”.

“Being at the forefront of research allows us to go hand in hand with professionals and develop products that meet the needs of these and their patients, all with the maximum of achieve natural results and with a positive impact in people’s lives, “concludes Martín.

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Benefits of aesthetic medicine for emotional well-being

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Benefits of aesthetic medicine for emotional well-being

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