Belo, a popular Brazilian singer, was arrested for a massive concert in the middle of the pandemic

The moment of the arrest of Marcelo Pires Vieira

The Brazilian singer Marcelo Pires Vieira , a popular sambas interpreter known as Belo , was arrested this Wednesday for having promoted a massive concert in a public school in Rio de Janeiro without authorization or preventive measures against the pandemic of COVID-19

Belo was arrested for having promoted a concert in a public school in a favela without the knowledge or authorization , neither of the regional secretariat of Education nor of the Health Department, which generated an agglomeration of people without masks , according to the Civil Police of the State of Rio de Janeiro

The arrest was made by agents of the Commissariat for Combating Drugs of the Civil Police due to suspicions that the concert was organized and financed by drug traffickers who operate in the favela in La that the musical performance was recorded

Belo, a popular Brazilian singer, was arrested for a massive concert in the middle of the pandemic

The concert was held on Friday night, the first day of the carnival this year in Brazil , in one of the schools that the Rio de Janeiro governorate has in Parque Uniao, a favela in the northern part of the city that is controlled by a dangerous gang of drug traffickers.

Belo made the presentation despite the fact that All carnival events, parties and concerts were banned this year to prevent a further spread of COVID-19 in Rio de Janeiro and, despite the fact that the event was not promoted, images of it from helicopters and on social networks, showing a large crowd at the school, were disclosed by various television networks

According to Commissioner Gustavo de Mello de Castro, head of the Drug Combat Commission, the judge responsible for the investigation ordered the arrest of four people identified as responsible for the concert, among which Belo .

“As if such a situation, by itself, was not absurd and sufficient to provoke a response from the State, it was verified that the Ministry of Education did not "It authorized the use of the public school for the realization of a private event, contrary to the public interest and that served to further spread the viral disease," said the Police Station in a statement.

Belo, a popular Brazilian singer, was arrested for a massive concert in the middle of the pandemic

According to the note, the invasion of a school located " in one of the areas of greatest conflagration in Rio de Janeiro and in which the largest criminal organization in the city operates " could only occur with the authorization of the head of the gang that controls drug trafficking in the region, Luiz Moura Bargosa , against whom an arrest warrant was also issued .

It is clear that the scenario designed is one of the most absurd possible, to the extent that the 'contagious event' was not authorized by the State but by the chief criminal of the region ”, adds the note.

The singer's press office affirmed that Belo, 46, was hired by a production company that promised to comply with all health security protocols and guaranteed have all the authorizations.

Belo, however, has already been arrested on two other occasions for his links with people accused of drug trafficking . In December 2002, he was sentenced to six years in prison for association with drug trafficking, but he was imprisoned for only one month and presented an appeal that allowed him to respond to the process in freedom.

Belo, a popular Brazilian singer, was arrested for a massive concert in the middle of the pandemic

In November 2004 he was arrested again and served three years and eight months in prison

The carnival, which ended on Ash Wednesday, coincided with the jump in the number of deaths and coronavirus infections in Brazil due to a second wave of the pandemic more virulent than the first

Despite preventive measures and the warnings that events with the public would not be allowed during the carnival, the police had great difficulties in repressing the dozens of clandestine parties organized in discos, bars and even on the beaches.

Rio de Janeiro is the city with the most deaths from COVID -19 in Brazil, a country that is one of the global epicenters of the pandemic, the second with the most coronavirus victims in the world (241,000), behind the United States, and the third with the most infections (9.9 million) after the North American country and India.

(With information from EFE)

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