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Parents from Bellechasse want prevent students from being changed schools

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5th grade students and 6th grade of elementary school are affected by the measure of the Côte-du-Sud School Service Center.

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Faced with the decision of the School Service Center (CSS) of Côte-du-Sud to move 5th and 6th grade students from the Marelle school, in Beaumont, to the Étincelle school, in Saint- Charles de Bellechasse, next fall, parents are mobilizing. Starting next week, the citizen committee “Hands off my Marelle school! » will be made official by the Beaumont municipal council and will hold its first public meeting.

We are in the process of separating families in two. It doesn’t make good sense, socially, culturally, denounces the mayor of Beaumont, David Christopher. The municipal council has also adopted two resolutions in recent weeks to express its disagreement with this decision of the CSS.

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The new committee plans to launch a petition and challenge, as the Municipality of Beaumont has already done, the Member of Parliament for Bellechasse, Stéphanie Lachance, as well as the Minister of Education, Bernard Drainville.

Many children still come to our school on foot. There, we will put them on buses. There are single-parent families and the bus will not be at 8 a.m. There are also costs with that. It's a total frustration.

A quote from David Christopher, Mayor of Beaumont

The CSS, for its part, claims to have considered several scenarios to meet the needs of a growing population in Beaumont. These are not improvised things. Lots of scenarios have been analyzed, including requests for expansion, but for the moment, [moving students] is the most viable scenario, explains the communications advisor for the CSS, Isabelle L'Arrivée-Lavoie. /p>LoadingThe number of business bankruptcies recorded in Canada jumped by 41% in 2023

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She maintains, however, that the decision has not yet been confirmed and that public consultations will take place in March and April. We are in solution mode. If a proposal is viable, for the children and financially, we are open to analyzing it, she adds.

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Beaumont Mayor David Christopher.

Mayor Christopher has little faith in this opening of the CSS. Before [they opted for the movement of students], we did not see any consultation. Is it just junk? That’s what worries us, he explains.

The general director of Bellechasse Economic Development does not hide his frustration either. He believes that the movement of hundreds of students goes against the efforts made by his organization for years.

For us, it is a question of the vitality of your territory, of maintaining the economic dynamism of our environments. We are making efforts to attract workers and young families to our municipalities, explains Alain Vallières.

The latter is worried about the entire MRC, because the CSS decision to transfer 5th and 6th year primary school students to Saint-Charles would also apply to the municipalities of Saint-Gervais, Saint-Michel-de -Bellechasse and La Durantaye.

The students of the 3rd cycle of Sainte-Claire would be moved to Saint-Anselme.

The first meeting of the citizens' committee is scheduled for Thursday.

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