Belkin Corporation has presented a professional kit designed for cleaning AirPods headphones from the American company Apple. The kit is only $15.

Belkin has launched a professional AirPods cleaning kit from Apple

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The kit consists of a special solution designed to soften and dissolve earwax, a brush that “sticks” any dirt gel to itself, and a cloth from microfiber. The cleaning process can be repeated several times until the desired result is obtained. The kit is suitable for those people who use Air Pods of the first three generations. As for Air Pods Pro, you can perform such manipulations with them, but at your own peril and risk. The cost of new items is 15 dollars or about 935 rubles at the current exchange rate.

As Gizmodo noted, Belkin Corporation is very respected. The company has long earned the trust of customers. Thus, it is this kit that inspires the greatest confidence than analogues sold in any online store.



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