Belarusians may start issuing “new passports” abroad (video)

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Belarusians may start issuing "new passports" abroad (video)

Ireland is likely to agree to issue Belarusians "passports of the new Belarus," said Pavlo Sverdlov, chief editor of Euroradio.

"There should be a country that agrees to issue passports of the “new Belarus&rdquo as your own Tykhanovskaya's office is negotiating with other countries. They say that there is a country that is ready to issue passports as its own. “Perhaps it will be Ireland,” Sverdlov said.

According to the editor of Euroradio, the Belarusians are still solving their problem by themselves. 

"We have an initiative in the opposition, which called “passport of new Belarus”. For about a year, everyone speculated that Lukashenko would remove the possibility of obtaining passports. But this initiative is already at the final stage,” Sverdlov says.

The problem is who will recognize this passport. Who will believe that the person presenting the passport is the person indicated in the documents. However, there are already two countries that have already agreed to recognize these future passports.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovych