Belarus “to fight” together with the Russians

Belarus “to fight” together with the Russians

Belarus "to fight" together with the Russians sleeping with russia, yakі tryvatimut from 9 to 25 september 2022.

Yak  povidomlya Radio Svoboda, with the help of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus, plans to “operationally-tactfully train the armed forces of the military air force and the military PPO with combat shooting.”

“The start of combat training will go through two stages: 11 sickles – near the areas of training on the territory of the Republic of Belarus; from 22 to 25 sickles – at the borders of the territory and the expanse of the “Ashuluk” test site. Relocation to the “Ashuluk” training ground

The method is often called “the advancement of the goodness of s’days of that military part of the hour” – to go to the post office.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich