Belarus prepares for war with Ukraine

Belarus prepares for war with Ukraine

Belarus is preparing for war with Ukraine

Belarusian armed forces are setting up fortifications along the border with Ukraine and the EU countries.

According to Belaruski Gayun, the military is digging trenches near the borders with Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania. Belarus has updated the deployment of checkpoints in the border areas.

Also, updates have taken place with fortifications.

Location of all trenches and trenches, which are equipped with firing points:

  • e. Poddobryanka (Gomel district, Gomel region);
  • d. Podgale (Yelsky district, Gomel region);
  • d. Glushkovichi (Lelchitsky district, Gomel region);
  • Between a.g. Zhidche and the village of Khoino (Pinsk district, Brest region);
  • Between the village of Noviki and the town of Sopotskin (Grodno district, Grodno region);
  • Near the village of Odelsk and the border with Poland (Grodno district, Grodno region);
  • Between the village of Losha and the border crossing Losha (Ostrovetsky district, Grodno region).

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich