Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd offers automatic airport drone protection systems

At present, Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd has improved and modified its automated bird deterrent system at airports and, to increase the flight safety of aircraft, has supplemented the system with protection modules from UAVs and drones.

Aircraft engines are most vulnerable to ingestion during take-off and landing; a large drone can damage an airplane engine that is not designed to the hit of a large, heavy metal object. Aircraft designers lay the burden on single hits of soft birds weighing up to 2 kg, but some drones are much heavier and getting into the plane can lead to significant damage.

The system presented on the market by Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd is a system for radar detection of drones and suppressing a radio channel for communication with a drone as well as GPS positioning signals. The operation of such a system will not disrupt the equipment of the aircraft, but on approaching the runway, will deactivate UAVs and drones, causing them to lose their control and fall until they fall into a dangerous area near the runway.

The system has proven itself at several airports and has shown its effectiveness. The system has the necessary permissions and approvals for installation at civil airports. Currently, several versions of the system that will be interesting to various types of customers to their specific needs are being produced. All system modules are airtight and can be installed directly near the runway in any climate.

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd is pleased to participate in aviation safety projects and is always ready to cooperate with all interested parties.

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