“Before you see it, you hear it!” »… In Lodève, an on-demand transport service… in a 2CV!

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UNUSUAL L'Abeille verte offers the inhabitants of this commune in the Hérault the opportunity to do small intramural errands aboard this cult Citroën car

“ Before seeing it, we hear it!”... In Lodève, an on-demand transport service… in 2 CV  !

The 2CV used by l'Abeille verte for its transport on demand is a 1980 model. — L'Abeille verte Productions

  • Since Spring, the employment-oriented company (EBE) l'Abeille verte offers, in Lodève, an on-demand transport service… in a 2 CV. This device, popular with the elderly, aims to make up for the lack of intramural transport in this town in the hinterland of the Hérault.
  • Trips are offered between 3 and 5 euros, depending on the user's income.
  • If a 2 CV was chosen, it is because it extends the life of a vehicle . And that's good for the environment. But also because this car draws attention to this device… And to its users.

When you call an Uber, it’s often a gleaming sedan that shows up. In Lodève (Hérault), on the foothills of the Larzac, it’s a completely different vehicle that squeals under your windows: l’Abeille verte, a company based in France. aim d’emploi (EBE), launched, last spring, a transport service to the request… in 2 CV ! Lodévois who wish to do so, especially the most fragile, can book a deudeuche tour, to go to the doctor, the hairdresser, or do some shopping.

“Lodève is a small town of 7,500 inhabitants, which does not have intramural public transport, explains Rémi Schnebelin, referent of the Ecomobility pole. to the Green Bee and driver of the 2 CV. There are transport to go to; Montpellier, or to go from city to city, but intramuros, there is nothing. And no taxi accepts to take charge of intra-Lodève races. The idea was to fill this gap.”

L’Abeille verte offers trips between 3 and 5 euros, depending on income

For the elderly, this device is a small revolution, in this town in the Hérault hinterland. “Sometimes it is even the children who call us, telling us that their father or their mother is still taking their car from there. 85 years old, and that if we could accompany him, it would be really great,” Lodève, within the EBE. Especially since the Green Bee has no intention of foraging the portfolio of the people of Lodevois: this EBE created as part of the Territory Zéro chômeur scheme, which has not for profit, offers rides at 4 euros. People with low incomes can even benefit from reduced prices (3 euros). And those who have a little more means can also pay a little more (5 euros), to show their solidarity. with other users.

“It”s very good service, which was sorely lacking in the village,” said Gilbert, 92, who, due to eyesight problems, can no longer drive. “I am in the heights of Lodève, and it’s a service that allows me to get around while saving my legs,” explains Martine, who was one of the first to go. climb in this 2 CV. And the drivers are very, very nice!” Because Rémi Schnebelin and his comrades willingly lend a hand to the most vulnerable users, when necessary.

““Before you see it, you hear it ! ”... In Lodève, a transport service on demand… in 2 CV !

The 2CV journeys offered by l'Abeille verte are offered between 3 and 5 euros, depending on income. – L'Abeille verte Productions

“Extending the life of a vehicle is less costly, in terms of carbon footprint”

But why… a 2 CV? For ecological reasons, first. So, yes, this antique 1980 convertible drives fast gasoline. But, assures Rémi Schnebelin, “extending the life of a vehicle is a cheaper solution, in terms of carbon footprint, than buying a new vehicle. We are encouraged, today, to buy an electric vehicle. But in reality, the longer you extend the life of a car, the more you reduce the carbon footprint of its construction.” If the Green Bee has snapped for a 2 CV 6, the last model built by Citroën before production ceased, it’s also because the team wanted “a vehicle that remarkable and noticed, continues Rémi Schnébelin. When she drives in Lodève, passers-by see the users who are seated at inside. And vice versa. Visibility goes both ways. If it was a traditional car, no one would notice the users. Ça, it’s been important to us.”

And ride a 2 CV, the Lod vois love it. Especially people who experienced the golden age of this cult car. “”He must have done something to them!”, smiled Rémi Schnebelin. “I have had lots of 2 CVs in my life, I know ça, smiles Martine. When she arrives, before seeing her… We hear it! It is bound to be a hit, because we don’t see too much of it anymore.” Gilbert, for his part, even finds “the sensations” which he had, when he rode, when he was younger, in a deudeuche. “Besides, it’s very much a 2V,” he continues. For short trips, it”s perfect.” This even contributes to create a real intergenerational link, when younger users sit on the vintage bench seats of this Citroën of yesteryear. “Sometimes we had young people, who accompanied their grandparents, and who had never been in a car like this,” said Rémi Schnebelin.< /p>OUR DOSSIER ON TRANSPORT

L’L’L’L’Abeille Verte soon plans to expand its fleet of atypical vehicles, to respond to the the growing demand for races. The EBE will soon be putting scooters and bicycle taxis into service. And maybe even other old vehicles.

To contact the Green Bee: 04 67 44 92 70 or contact@ greenbee.net