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Before the premiere of the series “K.O.D”, actress Tetyana Kravchenko released her original song “Where are you?”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr18,2024

Before the premiere of the series “K.O.D” actress Tetyana Kravchenko released her original song “ Where are you?”

Tetiana Kravchenko/Still from the film

Actress Tetiana Kravchenko wrote a poignant song especially for the premiere of the new detective series “K.O.D”, which will take place on April 22 at 8:00 p.m. on the TV channel STB about love that breaks the heart.

Fans of the series are divided on whether this song is about the main character Olga Kosach, or about the broken heart of the actress herself. Watch the video on YouTube.

The composition “Where are you?” became the soundtrack to the first two series, which will be devoted to the love line of the main character. It is in them that viewers will first learn the details of Olga Kosach's personal life and the reasons why she devoted herself completely to her work.

Once Daria (ed. – Daria Legoni-Fialko, SPACE production) came to visit me for coffee and saw a piano in my apartment, – recalls Tetiana Kravchenko. – She asked if I write songs. I played and sang her some original compositions to my own accompaniment, and she really liked it. We talked, and during the conversation, Daria had the idea that one of my songs – perhaps future ones – could be heard in the TV series “K.O.D.”

Tatyana admits that her whole life was connected with music, since the parents of the actress work in an operetta theater, and she herself graduated from a music school in the bandura class. The actress considers meter Valery Kurbanov to be her mentor in singing, who was her teacher and also included in her performances at concerts.

I have been writing music and poems for a long time, actually since childhood. It accompanies my life. Of course, there are moments when I am interrupted, when there is simply no creativity. But then something pushes you: whether it's some kind of emotion – positive or negative, and then a new song is born, – says the actress.

According to Tatyana, her colleagues in the series knew about her talent and love to music, so they repeatedly arranged impromptu guitar concerts behind the scenes, accompanied her when she sang. And that's why they really supported their colleague when they found out that her song will be included in the series.

The track “Where are you?” made perfect sense, because one of the lines will be the personal life of the main character Olga Kosach, which until now remained a mystery for fans of the TV series “TRACE” and “K.O.D.”. Viewers are used to seeing her as a strong woman who always restrains her emotions and from whom they do not expect stories about broken love. In the first two series, Kosach will finally show what is really in her heart.

We remind you that the series “K.O.D.” – original development of SPACE Production and TV channel STB. According to the plot, the Criminalistics Operational Department (K.O.D.) is a new special unit of the Ukrainian police, which includes the best specialists of the OSA agency and the Water Police. In addition, “K.O.D.” is the name of the program created on the basis of artificial intelligence, which the unit uses in its work.

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