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dZ 8M Before princesses, they were actresses, journalists or daycare workers - The Times Hub

Before princesses, they were actresses, journalists or daycare workers

Now they dedicate themselves to work like members of the royalty but before their lives changed forever they had a professional career. There are actresses, journalists, daycare workers, economist lawyers, and even a gym owner. These were the professions of the royals before reaching the palaces.

Queen Letizia, journalist

Before princesses, they were actresses, journalists or daycare workers

Letizia Ortiz, during the special newscast on the occasion of the last elections in the US TVE

Letizia Ortiz studied Journalism at the Complutense University of Madrid. His first practices and works were linked to the written press in media such as Abc or La Nueva España, from Oviedo. After graduating, he studied a master's degree in Audiovisual Information and traveled to Guadalajara (Mexico) for his doctorate. A career that in 2000 earned her the Mariano José de Larra award from the Madrid Press Association for her work as the best journalist under 30 years of age. Upon her return to Madrid, Letizia Ortiz embarked on a professional career in television, which led her to various private channels, including Bloomberg and CNN +, until in 2000 that same year she joined Televisión Española. His first job there was presenting the Weekly Report and then he went on to the second edition of the newscast, where he covered the sinking of the Prestige , the 9/11 attacks or the invasion of Iraq. After her work as an editor, she went on to co-present, with Alfredo Urdaci, the most popular news programs on public television. In 2003, her engagement to Don Felipe , then Prince of Asturias, was announced.

Meghan Markle, actress

Before princesses, they were actresses, journalists or daycare workers

Actors Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle, in a still from the series' Suits'.cordon press

Enrique de England's wife left the performance for love. Meghan Markle was working successfully on the series Suits when her relationship with Elizabeth II's grandson became known . This has been his most famous role, in fact fiction had a rebound in popularity at that time, but the mother of Prince Henry's first-born, Archie, has worked in other series such as General Hospital , CSI or Castle . In cinema he has also participated in some films such as Remember me and How to kill your boss .

Lady Di, a nursery employee

Before princesses, they were actresses, journalists or daycare workers

Lady Di in a spontaneous image with her children Enrique and Guillermo, during a visit to the amusement park 'Thorpe Park' in London in 1990.GTRESONLINE

Markle was not the only member of the British royal family to have worked on his own before becoming royalty. Diana of Wales was employed in a nursery before she was a princess . In fact, the mother of William and Henry of England worked at the Young England School in London until just days before her engagement to Prince Charles was announced in February 1981.

Grace Kelly, actress

Before princesses, they were actresses, journalists or daycare workers

Grace Kelly, before retiring from acting in the fifties to marry Rainier of Monaco and become a princess. Paramount Pictures / Getty Images

Decades before the Duchess of Sussex met her Prince Charming, Grace Kelly had already learned that fairy tales only work in the imagination of Hollywood screenwriters. Her transformation from Alfred Hitchcock's muse into a princess came when she married Raniero of Monaco, who forbade her from acting again , the worst decision of her life, she would bitterly confess decades later. As an actress, she performed great successes such as High Society (1956). The Swan (1955), Catch a Thief (1955). Rear Window (1954), Perfect Crime (1954) or Mogambo (1953) .

Mary from Denmark, lawyer

Before princesses, they were actresses, journalists or daycare workers

Federico and Mary from Denmark, in a photo from 2004.REUTERS

Mary Donaldson has a BA in Law and Commerce from the University of Tasmania. During her stay at the university she wrote a treatise on gender violence. After graduation, she moved to Melbourne, where she worked as an intern for the agency DDB Needham, quickly being promoted to the position of account executive. In 1996 she was hired as an account manager at Mojo Partners, where she worked for two years. In early 1999 she was appointed account manager of the international advertising agency Young & Rubicam in Sydney. In June 2000, Mary moved to a small Australian advertising agency, Love Branding, where she was working as the company's sales director when she met Federico from Denmark. In the spring of that same year and until December she became sales director and member of the management team of Belle Property , a company specializing in luxury properties. Then she left everything to start her new life as a princess.

Charlène of Monaco, Olympic swimmer

Before princesses, they were actresses, journalists or daycare workers

The princess, by the pool.GETTY

Before settling in the principality after her wedding to Prince Albert in 2011, Charlène of Monaco was a professional athlete . The South African swimmer represented her country at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. She has also won a large number of national and international championships and has posed as a model for the Sports Illustrated magazine .

Sofia of Sweden, nurse and contestant of reality shows

Before princesses, they were actresses, journalists or daycare workers

Princess Sofia of Sweden collaborates in a Stockholm hospital in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, in April 2020.Jonas Ekströmer / TT / GTRES

Many looked at her suspiciously, including her sisters-in-law Victoria and Magdalena from Sweden, when Sofia Hellqvist joined the Swedish royal family. Carlos Felipe, the only son of Kings Carlos Gustavo and Silvia , decided to marry the winner of the television contest Hotel Paradise , something like Big Brother , who also worked as a waitress, model and stripper and was a judge in beauty pageants such as Miss World . Almost six years after that controversial wedding, Sofía now enjoys great popularity that she reinforces every day with significant gestures. The last was in April 2020, when she decided to work as a nurse in times of coronavirus in a Stockholm hospital after a three-day specialized training.

Daniel from Sweden, physical trainer

Before princesses, they were actresses, journalists or daycare workers

Daniel and Victoria from Sweden. Text: EL PAÍS / Photo: REUTERS

Victoria's husband from Sweden met the princess because he was the owner of the gym she attended and her physical trainer. Magdalena, Victoria's younger sister, introduced them. By then the daughter of Carlos Gustavo and Silvia from Sweden was recovering from her anorexia problems and Daniel became the most important person in her life. What began as a gym adventure for which nobody bet anything, ended up being the most serious relationship that has been known to the first-born of the kings of Sweden, who were slow to approve the marriage .

Máxima de Holland, economista

Before princesses, they were actresses, journalists or daycare workers

On March 22, Queen Máxima of the Netherlands attended the inauguration of the 'Money Week' as honorary president of Money Wise, in The Hague. EFE

Máxima from the Netherlands studied Economics and Finance in Argentina, her homeland. Before her marriage to Guillermo de Holanda, she worked in banking, was Vice President of Institutional Sales for HSBC James Capel Inc. and Deutsche Bank, she also taught English and mathematics classes. She herself has explained on occasions that she devoted herself to these issues because she was concerned about the inflation peaks that left large sectors of the population in poverty in Argentina.

Queen Silvia of Sweden, stewardess

Before princesses, they were actresses, journalists or daycare workers

Carlos Gustavo and Silvia of Sweden.Jonas Ekströmer / TT / GTRES

Born in Germany but of Brazilian origins, Silvia Sommerlath met Carlos Gustavo of Sweden at the 1972 Munich Olympics, where she worked as a hostess. Four years later they were married in Stockholm Cathedral and she became queen, a job that she has carried out without public surprises but with many family problems, from her father's Nazi past to her husband's infidelities and the rebellion of her three children

Iñaki Urdangarin, professional handball player

Before princesses, they were actresses, journalists or daycare workers

Barrufet with Iñaki Urdangarin after winning the Copa del Rey in 2000 against Valladolid.EFE

Iñaki Urdangarin , a handball player for Barcelona and the Spanish national team, met Infanta Cristina in July 1996 during the Atlanta Olympic Games . A year later the couple married in Barcelona. The brother-in-law of Felipe VI and son-in-law of King Juan Carlos is currently in semi-release after being convicted by the Supreme Court for the crimes of embezzlement, prevarication, fraud to the Administration, two tax crimes and influence peddling in the Nóos case. He first lost his title of Duke of Palma and then ceased to belong to the royal family when the current monarch acceded to the throne in June 2014. Then he became, like his wife and Infanta Elena, the King's family.

Jaime Marichalar, bank employee

Before princesses, they were actresses, journalists or daycare workers

Jaime de Marichalar, ex-husband of the Infanta Elena.GTRES

Elena de Borbón was living in Paris when she met Jaime Marichalar , who at that time was a bank employee in the French capital. The son of the aristocratic Soria family offered to keep the eldest daughter of the Kings company and the couple ended up formalizing the relationship with a great wedding in Seville in 1995. Marichalar starred in some controversy before their marriage. His official resume, distributed to the press, stated that he was an economist . It was soon discovered that it was not yes. The then future member of the royal family only had some studies in the matter, and his job was that of a bank clerk. Twelve years and two children later, the Casa del Rey issued the famous statement announcing the temporary cessation of coexistence, which was still a euphemism to announce their separation. Marichalar has several businesses related to fashion and is a director of some firms.

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