Became aware, if in Ukraine the name of the rіk will rise

Became aware, if in Ukraine the name of the rіk will rise

It has become obvious if the initial river is recognized in Ukraine p>

The beginning of the river in Ukraine is traditionally celebrated on the Day of Knowledge, 1 spring and three hours until 30 chervny 2023.

According to the minister of education and science of Ukraine, Sergiy Shkarlet, he said  press service of the ministry.

Ministry of the conference call for the sake of the readiness of the initial pledges to the new initial fate in the minds of the military camp about the structure of the lighting process.

CMU “About the beginning of the initial fate of the hour of the legal regime of the military camp in Ukraine” , that the next initial rec can take more, or less than 175 days. The initial pledge will independently determine the trivality and structure of the initial rock. The trivality of the first day, to take that role is very important for the pedagogical pleasure of the skin first pledge.

Earlier, BAGNET having remembered that contract students, yakі through perebuvannya in the area of ​​​​military ones or in the occupation, flogged the universities of Koshti for training, there will be a charge for these premiums.

Prepared by: Sergiy Daga