Beauty lesson: how to act on the skin Epsom salt

Бьюти-урок: как действует на кожу соль Эпсома

English detox bath salt. Photo:

Epsom salt long known for its relaxing and detoxifying properties.

The first therapeutic properties of salt discovered by English scientist in the mineral springs in Epsom, Surrey. Despite the fact that such elements exist in other mineral waters, the name of the salt got in the honor of this source.

In addition, salt is referred to as English, or magnesium slide through its bitter taste. Externally Epsom salt resembles ordinary table salt in the form of small transparent crystals.

LeMonade offers an opportunity to learn about the benefits of Epsom salts.

In order to feel the benefits of Epsom salts recommended warm baths.

The need to use of Epsom salts increases during the stressful period of life. Under the influence of external stimuli from the organism in a large number of displays ionized magnesium, which leads to insomnia, panic attacks, increased anxiety, depression.

If taken orally, the Epsom salt works as a laxative, but in small doses, as a choleretic.

Бьюти-урок: как действует на кожу соль Эпсома

English detox bath salt. Photo:

Sulfur in the composition of Epsom salts helps to make hair and nails stronger, improves the condition of the joints, helps to combat hyperkeratosis (skin lesions). In addition, in the human body along with water, food and air get heavy metals and sulfur helps to bring them.

Applied on the face and body blend is aged from three to five minutes and then washed off. This procedure cleanses the skin, helps to get rid of acne. It is not only pleasant but also useful — the skin becomes clean and supple, improving its appearance.

Бьюти-урок: как действует на кожу соль Эпсома

Epsom Salt. Photo:

Epsom salt — anti-inflammatory, which relieves pain in back, legs, joints and muscles.

Take baths with Epsom salt is recommended 1-3 times a week. If soreness is tormented by his feet, then the variant of this procedure is only for the legs.

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