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Muslim communities in India BC demand the departure of Selina Robinson | Middle East, the eternal conflict

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A representative of the Al Masjid Al-Jamia mosque in Vancouver signed the letter bringing together 18 Muslim associations.


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A group of 18 Muslim associations in British Columbia is calling for the removal of Selina Robinson from her post as minister of post-secondary education following remarks in which she referred to the territory where Israel was created as a “piece of “a crappy piece of land” before the establishment of the modern state of Israel in 1948.

Representatives of Muslim communities co-signed a letter emphasizing that if Prime Minister David Eby does not take action to recognize the pain within communities, members of his government and NDP candidates will not are more welcome in their sacred spaces.

The signatories of the letter specify that the minister's comments, made on January 30 during an online discussion as part of ;an event organized by B'nai Brith, completely ignore and downplay the violent and atrocious ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people that enabled the birth of the State of Israel.

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B.C. Post-Secondary Education Minister Selina Robinson has apologized Thursday for the remarks made Tuesday on the front of Israel.

The letter, addressed to Premier David Eby, goes on to say that the minister's statements make them wonder whether the province's New Democratic Party tolerates these attitudes towards any group deserving of fairness, let alone the Palestinian, Arab and Muslim communities who are already at risk?

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Middle East, the eternal conflict

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Middle East, the eternal conflict

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The signatories, including Haroon Khan, director of the Al Masjid Al Jamia mosque in Vancouver, acknowledge that the minister apologized on Thursday. But, they believe that this apology is not in line with the principles of restorative justice and does not resolve the harm caused to members of the community.

She lost public trust to stay in the position as Minister of Post-Secondary Education, Haroon Khan mentioned in an interview. You have to live with higher standards when you represent the public and currently, she is not representing the public she works for.

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The mosque director warns that photo shoots, like those that took place on October 13 at the mosque, are over for now.

He deplores the position of the various levels of government on the conflict of recent months taking place in Gaza. He warns that until municipal, provincial and federal officials reflect a desire to end the violence, they are no longer welcome in mosques.

No more photo ops for hugging and shaking hands, he insists. When the audience sees us shaking hands and hugging each other, they think everything is okay. But this is not the case, what is happening is not normal and it should not be normalized.

This This request is added to the multiple calls for the minister's resignation which have been piling up since Tuesday.

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Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh raised concerns about comments made by Post-Secondary Education Minister Selina Robinson.

The leader of the federal New Democratic Party also expressed his discomfort on the social network Instagram. Jagmeet Singh says the minister's comments were not only factually incorrect, but offensive and irresponsible, adding that the comments were deeply hurtful to many Canadians.

He writes that he expressed his concerns to the Premier of British Columbia.

According to David Black, associate professor of communications at Royal Roads University, removing Selina Robinson from her position is primarily a political decision. In any political calculation by a prime minister at this point, whether firing a prominent Jewish figure from his cabinet is the right course to take, while taking into account the issues that are currently being put forward, says -he.

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