Bautista forms his group for the COD elections

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  •  Bautista forms his group for the COD elections

    The elections will be held on December 1st.

< p style="text-align: justify;">Antonio Acosta's rival for the presidency of the Comité Dominican Olimpico, Engineer Gary Bautista, announced the members of his group for the 1st elections. December.  

In these elections, the candidacies are individual for the 11 available positions, the press system does not work. 

Bautista  y companions will enroll in the to the presidency of the COD this Monday. He is president of the Dominican Softball Federation in the last two terms. 

It will be accompanied by other federated leaders, including two others who aspired to the presidency  with whom he made alliances. 

They are José Manuel Ramos (president of the Equestrian Federation), who is running for first vice president, and Luis Chanlatte (Wushu), who is running for secretary general. 

At the 2nd. Vice aspires Irina Pérez, from the Sailing Federation, and the third Radhamés Tavarez, from Swimming. In addition,  as co-secretary Jorge Blas Diaz, of cycling, co-treasurer José Miguel Robiou, from archery..  

The three candidates for vocals are Frrancisco Soto from bowling, María Dimitrova, from Karate and Rubé ;n Tejeda, field tennis player.  

The registration of the candidates has a deadline of Monday the 21st, and the elections they will be the 1st. December.  

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