Batwoman season 2: 'shocking and incredible', Kate Kane's absence will be central

Batwoman season 2: 'shocking and incredible', Kate Kane's absence will be central

Batwoman season 2: 'shocking and incredible', Kate Kane's absence will be central

Batwoman season 2: 'shocking, awesome and unbelievable' Kate's absence will be central to the story Ruby Rose may have made the decision to leave Batwoman, but season 2 of the CW series will continue to be indirectly worn by Kate Kane. The creator of the series has just promised, his absence will weigh heavily on the intrigues. Warning for spoilers.

It will be necessary to wait until 2021 to see the CW broadcast season 2 of Batwoman USA, but we already know one thing about the episodes to come: they will no longer be worn by Kate Kane. A few months ago, Ruby Rose – her interpreter, indeed announced her desire to leave the series. In fact, the creators have decided to abandon her character and integrate a brand new heroine on the screen (Ryan Wilder played by Javicia Leslie) who will in turn slip under the costume of Batwoman.

A decision that did not make that happy with the fans – many are those who would have preferred to see a new actress take over the role of Kate Kane, but which will not however end the story of Batman's cousin. Caroline Dries (the showrunner) promised it during the DC Fandome, despite her absence from the screen, Kate Kane will be strongly present in the plot.

Kate Kante still present in history

We have two major stories this season. The first concerns Kate Kate ” recalled the designer. ” Where is Kate? What happened to her? Is she alive? Is she dead? Is she on the run? Detained prisoner? Lost? These are huge mysteries that will take us very far this season.

Caroline Dries logically did not wish to expand further on the screenwriters' ideas on this subject, but she nevertheless revealed that the weight of this absence will be very heavy and far from without consequences for her relatives. ” All our characters will have different perspectives on that. Different conspiracy theories, different points of view … ” she teased. ” It's going to create a lot of drama, tension, mystery and intrigue. It'll be shocking, awesome and amazing all at the same time.

In short, if Ryan Wilder will be the new Batwoman , Kate Kane will remain central to the story. It remains to be seen how their two stories will come together …

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