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Batiscan invited to ; decide on its bridge on the 138

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The Route 138 bridge in Batiscan has reached the end of its useful life after more than 100 years. (Archive photo)


Consultations surrounding the reconstruction of the Route 138 bridge in Batiscan are beginning, while citizens will have will soon have their say on the fate of the replacement of the century-old bridge.

The Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility launched on Monday the start of consultations regarding the reconstruction of the bridge which spans the Batiscan River.

These consultations will take place from January 15 to 28 and will be organized online.

The ministry invites citizens, merchants and organizations to participate in the consultations.

We particularly want the opinion of the population with regard to the integration of the new road route into the environment, road safety, quality of life, environmental protection and real estate acquisitions.

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The Batiscan Bridge was built in 1921 and the department has indicated that it has reached the end of its useful life and will need to be completely replaced .

The bridge reconstruction project includes the development of a roundabout, the construction of a rest area and a ramp public access to the Batiscan River for small boats.

The new bridge will be located downstream of the old one, which means that a redevelopment of the Route 138 route is planned in the area.

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