Basil's Day: what not to do today

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Basil's Day: what not to do today

On January 14, Eastern Rite Christians celebrate St. Basil's Day .

This saint was born on the territory of modern Turkey in the city of Caesarea in 329 into a noble family and received a good education. The saint studied at the schools of Caesarea, Athens and Constantinople.

In 350 he was baptized, and in 370 – became Bishop of Caesarea. Vasily led an ascetic lifestyle, urging people to love their neighbors and help the poor. He also fought heresy and defended the faith in the Holy Trinity.

Saint Basil is also known as the legislator of monasticism in the East and West, the author of many theological works, a scholar, mentor and one of the brightest representatives of the Greek Church of those times.

On the day of St. Basil, you can’t swear, quarrel, swear and conflict.

You can’t also do household chores, sew, knit and embroider.

You can’t do it on a holiday to borrow money, it is believed that then you can spend the whole year in poverty.

You can’t also count small money and coins, this can lead to tears in the future.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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