Baseball leagues from the DR will play in Colombia against Academia Hermanos Moreno

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  • Baseball leagues from the DR will play in Colombia against Academia Hermanos Moreno

    Osiris Reynoso, coordinator of the trip.< /p>

A delegation from the Dominican Republic will travel this Sunday to Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, to participate in a series of sports exchanges with baseball leagues of that nation. 

The representation is made up of 35 people, including players, trainers and delegates, who will remain on Colombian soil until the end of next week.

They will compete in the child and youth categories and will play at the Mona Judas and 11 de Noviembre stadiums   

The Dominican representation, whose main coordinator and technical director is Osiris Reynoso, will in a tournament to be held in Cartagena in honor of the celebration of the festivities for the founding of the city. 

The boys will leave at 6:20 a.m. on Sunday by Arajet airline, he explained. Reynoso.   

The Quisqueyan team is made up of players from different baseball leagues in Greater Santo Domingo. They represent the Osiris Reynoso, Quezada, Caba, Suárez and Nelson Gerónimo leagues. 

In Colombia the Dominicans will be received by the Academia Dinastía Hermanos Moreno, directed by Edison Moreno and coordinated by Gloria Jiménez. 

Reynoso maintained that the Dominican squad will also exchange with the Furia Naranja and Playa Blanca leagues. 

The tricolor team is made up of players Jadiel Manzuela, Arbelys Lebrón, Elión Suárez, Roy Pujols, Vícmer Ortiz, Kevinde los Santos, Jeremías Suárez, Luis Reyes, Jelvis Peralta, Johandry Castillo, Harlin Morel and Eliam Ortiz.

Similarly, Chris Simmons, William Álvarez,  Adriell Savión, Hendri Castillo, Juan Díaz, Luis Ramos, Roosevelt Sánchez, Ángel Beltré, Robinson de los Santos, Yadier de la Rosa, Albert Espinal, Iván Jáquez,  Roque Adames, Hairo Beltré, Jesús Suárez, José Quezada. 

As coordinators, in addition to Reynoso, the team is accompanied by Santa Díaz, Miguelina Amador, Junior Tavárez, Víctor Ortiz, Juana Concepción and Mercedes Hernández.

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