Baseball commissioner goes to the rescue of La Puya stadium

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  • Baseball Commissioner goes to the rescue of La Puya stadium

    Junior Noboa, National Baseball Commissioner and the mayoress of the National District, Carolina Mejía inspect several of the damages suffered by La Puya play.

The National Baseball Commissioner came to the office. this week to the rescue of the baseball field located in the La Puya sector, in the vicinity of Arroyo Hondo, whose playing field and structures were destroyed by the downpours that occurred last Friday, November 4.  

Junior Noboa together with the mayoress of the National District, Carolina Mejía, on their tour, first made an evaluation of the different damages suffered and then began the reconstruction works of the play, in which several leagues train, with teams of different ages.  

Both Noboa and Carolina walked in supervision tasks through the affected areas of the space, which was left unanswered. It was completely disused. 

Both ordered to buy all the materials required for the immediate reconstruction of the sports facility in which it was necessary to insert various heavy equipment. 

The areas in which work is already underway include adjustments to the playing field, back stop repair, and cyclonic mesh, since the objective is for the leagues to be able to use it again as it was the case until recently. a few days. 

“We come to cover several of the needs of children and young people in the La Puya sector, who right now are unable to return to training and playing as they did recently, but in a short period of time. everything will return to normality”, exposed Noboa, after the tour that he took in the next to Carolina, like this. as well as with sports and community leaders in the area. 

He argued that these efforts are in line with the guidelines of our president Luis Abinader.

“Whatever is involved in this matter. “Because it is within our reach, the goal is to provide baseball pitches in adequate conditions so that children and young people can enjoy these facilities,” said the company. the Commissioner of this discipline. 

The main leagues that operate in La Puya play are the Club Deportivo Montano, the Leones del Pino, as well as the Club Deportivo Montano. such as the Lobos de Domingo softball league. 

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