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Barbarella: the remake of the film with Sydney Sweeney will soon have a director

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May14,2024

Sydney Sweeney has a busy schedule. The star of Euphoria, whose season 3 is unfortunately not ready to arrive on our screens, has become in a handful of years one of the young actresses Hollywood's most sought-after actresses. The actress will also be there. the poster for the remake ofBarbarella, an intriguing project that is moving forward quickly.

Barbarella: the remake of the film with Sydney Sweeney will soon have a director

this famous director at the helm of Barbarella ?

Adaptation that has become cult of the eponymous comic strip by Jean-Claude Forest,&nbsp ;Barbarella is a French-Italian filmdirected by by Roger Vadim and released in 1968. Worn by Jane Fonda, who lends her features to the heroin, this science fiction adventure takes place in the year 4000.An astronaut is entrusted by the President of the Earth with a special mission, that of finding Durand-Durand, a scientist who disappeared a few years ago, inventor of the absolute weapon, which he wants to sell to an enemy planet. What follows are completely kitsch erotic-absurd adventures, at a glance. both zany and sexy. Funny movie object, Barbarellawill return to our screens in 2026, with Sidney Sweeney in the lead role. As for the director, according to our colleagues at Deadline,it could be Edgar Wright!

Barbarella: the remake of the film with Sydney Sweeney will soon have a director

Known for his Cornetto trilogy, which includes Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead andThe Last Pub Before the End of the World, Edgar Wright (not to be confused with his colleague) ;Joe Wright, famous for his romantic comedies) is very popular with movie buffs. Also behind the joyful Scott PilgrimandBaby Driver, we count on his side offbeat to offer us a unique look at Barbarella,without copying its predecessor or pouring into first-rate content. and too sexual.Still in discussions with Sony, the director has not reacted to this. the possibility of to stage this remake. We will be sure to keep you informed. of the progress of the project on Hitek, and we're counting on you to tell us what you think of Edgar Wright in the comments!

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