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Banned from using wood stoves from Wednesday

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Feb7,2024

Prohibited from using wood stoves. from Wednesday

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A wood stove.

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The City of Quebec will temporarily prohibit, from Wednesday at noon, any use of wood stoves due to a deterioration in the quality of the air.

The announcement came late Tuesday and the ban will be of indefinite duration. It targets wood stoves intended for heating, wood furnaces and boilers as well as ambient fireplaces.

This is the first time that Quebec City has decreed such a ban. Fines ranging from $300 to $1,000 are provided for violators. The City assures, however, that no fines will be issued and that this is more of an awareness-raising effort.

According to Environment Canada, conditions will be conducive to a deterioration in air quality in Quebec, mainly Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning, due to an anticyclone.

An anticyclone often means good weather, but the more stable atmosphere causes particles in the air to stagnate closer to the ground.

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People who rely solely on burning wood to heat their homes are exempt from the ban.

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