Banned from demonstrating at two symbols of Paris after riots and protests against Macron

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Prohibited from demonstrating at two symbols of Paris after riots and protests against Macron

At the end of After two tense nights in which hundreds of people have been arrested and numerous damages have been caused, the Police Prefecture prohibited the use of the police. protests both in the Place de la Concorde, in Paris, so as in the Champs-Élysées, “due to public order risks”, French media report. The protests in the emblematic square began to be organized spontaneously and outside of unions or parties since Thursday, when the government of Emmanuel Macron approved the resolution. The unpopular pension reform, which raises the minimum retirement age from 62 to 64, was passed by decree and without a vote.

La Concorde, known for the imposing Egyptian obelisk it houses, is a symbolic place in Paris, on the way between the Élysée Palace and the National Assembly. In addition, the National Union of Journalists of France (SNJ) denounced the today the arrest of two informers on Friday during last night's protest in La Concordia. They are Chloé Gence, from Le Média TV, and Paul Ricaud, on Boulevard Capucines, near the Opera Palace.

The circumstances of both arrests are unknown at this time. Supposedly they occurred while they were conducting news coverage. According to the union, the two are in custody at the barrio III police station.

New demonstrations

This Saturday is ; A new demonstration was called against the way in which the bill was approved. pension reform, in the Place d'Italie, south of Paris. Other cities in France have already held protests, such as Marseille, and in towns such as Mulhouse there were trade unionists grouping around roundabouts, just like at the time of the revolt of the Yellow Vests.

Paris was not the only city with notable riots in the last 24 hours. In Lyon, there was an attempt to invade and burn down the headquarters of a district council. Around thirty people were arrested.