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Banksy Creates Bright New Mural in London: What It Means

Banksy created a new bright mural/instagram

Anonymous street art artist Banksy created a new bright mural in London. This time he confirmed the authorship of the work. The network has already appreciated the artist's work.

On March 18, on his Instagram page, Banksy published a series of photos with a new mural in London's Finsbury Park.

The bright green mural resembles blooming leaves trees A woman holding a sprayer is also depicted on the wall. All this is painted on the wall behind the trimmed tree.

The message is clear: nature is struggling and we must help it grow back. It's spring, and this tree should be shedding its leaves, but Banksy must have driven by and thought how pathetic it looked, – James Peek, a researcher of Banksy's work, noted in a BBC comment, the author of a series of films about the anonymous British artist.

< p>Let us remind you that in November 2022, seven graffiti reminiscent of Banksy's work appeared in the affected cities of the Kyiv region – Borodyantsi, Irpen, Gostomel, Gorentsi and Kyiv. Later, the British street artist confirmed that he created all seven graffiti.

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Banksy is an enigmatic figure in the world of contemporary art, widely known for his street graffiti, which often contains sharp political and social criticism. The identity of Banksy remains anonymous, although there are numerous theories and speculations on this account. His works, as a rule, appear unexpectedly on the streets of cities around the world.

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